Pawesome Purple!


Can you see through all my super-fluff?

Can you see it through all my super-fluff?

Guess what I won now

Something pawesomely purple

A hand-made collar!



Woooooohooowooooooo! I am one lucky lucky pup! This time I won the most pawesomest hand-made beauwooowooootifully braided collar just fur me and my big fluffy neck in two shades of my favorite color purple from Miss JoAnn over at Sand Spring Chesapeakes bloggy. If you don’t know Gambler, Glory, Nellie, Angel Norman, and cutesie Marsh Kitty and all their fun and adventures, oh and costumes! WOL!, clicky on over to their bloggy now!

Thank youwooowooooooooooooo Miss JoAnn. Sorry fur the delay in posting due to the tribute to my late brofur. xoxoxoxo, Ku and the whole pack

Can you see it now?

Can you see it now?

Isn't it beauwooowooootiful! I think Mama wants it fur herself! WOL!

Isn’t it beauwooowooootiful! I think Mama wants it fur herself! WOL!

Thank youwooowoooooo! I wuvwuvwuvwuv it! :-)

Thank youwooowoooooo! I wuvwuvwuvwuv it! 🙂

Responsible Pooping…

Me sniffing the pawsome smelling poopy bag.

Me sniffing the pawsome smelling poopy bag. See how big the bag is! Pawesome!

Helping the planet

That we all share together

Poop responsibly!




Woooohooooowoooooooooo Efurrybuddy! I did it again! I won some more pawesome prizes!!! This time from Earth Rated – Quality Poop Bags! Through my Facebook page (please like me if you haven’t already) 🙂 I found out about the Earth Rated contest to post a piccie of your doggie Mama. I posted a piccie of my Mama covered in my fur and I won! Wooooooooowooooooooooooo!

I won a ton of Earth Rated poopy bags and a bag dispenser, and Mama got a notepad and pen and some sticky notes. Good thing, because Mama was just running out of stuff to take notes on fur my poetry! Earth Rated poopy bags smell of lovely lavender, and they don’t break or leak any poopy on Mama’s hands. (That makes Mama grumpy! WOO!) They are also compostable, and the packaging is recyclable. I like that furry furry much. As an animal activist I also do my best to take care of the environment and Mother Earth. Without her none of us animals, including silly humans, would be here! Wooooooowoooooooo EarthMama! Here’s all the stuff we won:

photo 2

Mama’s notepad, sticky notes, and I almost forgot – Poopypup tattoos! WOL! WOL!

photo 1

Lots and lots of poopy bags! They are even big enough to hold TWO poopies, and me and Nalle poop big big poops! WOL!

My First Bloggyversary!


Pawty Time!

Blogging fur a year

Can’t believe it’s been that long

Posting my haiku


Thank you all my bloggy friends

Couldn’t do it without you!



Wooooohoooooowooooooooo Efurrybuddy! Can you believe it? I started my bloggy a year ago on April 1st 2013 with my pawticipation in the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), posting a haiku a day. If I could turn back time, I would do it all again! I was so proud of accomplishing that, that I posted nearly efurryday until February when I went into semi-bloggy retirement. My poetic pup heart can’t stay away from sharing my haiku, but now I also have time to take Mama and sisfur Nalle on new adventures! Wooooowooooooo!

And just in time fur the pawty, Mama surprised me with the announcement that I won some prizes from Miss Jan and the Wag ‘N Woof Pets! Do click on over. They are all fur the love of pets! Wooooowoooooo! How did I win these prizes you ask? Well, Luke, one of the Wag ‘N Woofs was having a contest to see if any buddy could guess his DNA. No one guessed all three breeds, but many were close, and I won the random draw! Woooowoooooooo! I won 2 gift certificates to The Greater Good Animal Rescue Site. It’s a pawesome site where you can buy lots of pawesome stuff fur you or your pawrents, and they help other animals and people in need! I told Mama clicky fingers secretary to use the gift cards to get something fur herself since she works fur me fur free. Mama deserves it! I wuvwuvwuvwuv you Mama!!! Here are all the pawesome prizes me and my furblings got:

photo 1-2

Mama came home with the package this morning and Me and Nalle knew right away there was good stuff inside fur us!

photo 2-2

There were lots of goodies inside!

photo 3-2

And a lovely card from Miss Jan

photo 4

First Me and Nalle ate the DEWISHUS! beef flavored cookie treats from Yumwumwumwum! Nalle ate hers so fast Mama didn’t get a picture. WOL!

photo 5

Here’s Brofur Apollo checking out his and sisfur Zoe’s new birdie toy. I may or may not have torn off and chewed up the beauwoowootiful tail feathers.

photo 1

I really really like the new rope toy!

photo 2

These are the cards that came with the toys if you want your pawrents to get you some.

photo 3

And we got more food/treat goodies. Mama furgot to rotate the piccie.