Poetry Styles for the Bad Poetry Day Contest

Bad Poetry Day

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I try to write a

very bad haiku as a

bad poem sample




My fellow poet Oz and I are co-hosting the Bad Poetry Day Contest to celebrate Bad Poetry Day on August 18th. Entries will be accepted this coming weekend beginning on Friday. Click the pic to learn more about the guidelines and prizes!

Today I will go over some common poetry styles to help you all out on your quest to be the worst poet! There are so many styles, so here is a good sampling for those who are not well versed (wooohoooo! a pun!) in poetry:

Limerick: This is the great Oz’ expertise. A five line humorous, often nonsensical, poem that has the rhyme scheme of a-a-b-b-a (that is lines 1,2, & 5 rhyme and lines 3 & 4 rhyme).

Haiku: My expertise! A three line poem, with the syllables for each line = 5-7-5. A modern style of haiku is less strict and just requires 17 syllables or less. Usually the last line has a “cut” or switch of subject and traditionally they are written about nature (though not required).

Tanka: Similar to haiku, but five lines with syllables of: 5-7-5-7-7, often the last two lines have a shift in tone/feel.

Sonnets: A 14 line poem often on the topic of love. It follows the rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b… or like Shakespeare: a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d-e-f-e-f-g-g. Sonnets are also usually written in iambic pentameter meter/rhythm: soft-hard-soft-hard. Since this is a bad poetry contest, don’t worry about meter too much if you are not familiar. 🙂

Free Form: Free form poetry gives you the freedom to rhyme, or not, have a meter/rhythm, or not, choose the number of lines, and the subject. Be creative!

Other Broader Styles:

Narratives, Epic Poetry, Ballads: These are much longer usually, and tell a whole story.

Odes: Poetry usually of a serious subject matter.

Lyric: More personal and light subject matter.

Satirical Poetry: Satire.

I look forward to hearing Mama read all your bad poems to me! Good luck and have fun composing! Woooowoooooooo!

Guest Blogger: Sammy!


Click pic to visit Sammy’s blog: One Spoiled Cat!

Ku you’re so handsome

Your friends in the park are cute

But handsome is best!



Thank yoooowoooowoooooo for such a sweet haiku Sammy!



Me and Nalle playing tug-of-war with one of our blankets. I’m much stronger, but I let her win sometimes. Wooowooooo!

We only play fight

We don’t get heated or mad

It’s more fun that way




Daily Prompt: Drawing a Blank/Heated

A Rescue Poem From A to Z


Working on my poetry on my first and favorite red bed

Straying from Haiku

A rhyming poem instead

I hope you enjoy!





Daily Prompt: A to Z:


Alaskan outdoors wild and free

Born was I to a big family

Cold and harsh the weather

Dark the days half the year

Everyone had wooly coats

Freeze though we don’t

Grateful for the snow

Happy to nap in its glow

Inuits taught us well

Justly with humans we wish to dwell

Knowing our intelligence

Like to work at any chance

Many of us began to starve

No one fed us so snow we carved

Only if we could break the chains

Perhaps we’d run free again

Quiet and death lurked in the air

Rescue humans came for us with care

Sadness and love they felt for me

Today I am happy and free

Under lots of care and love

Victoriously I’ve overcome

Worry, fear, and anxiety

X-ceptional my Mama’s love for me

Yes, now my new family:

Zoe, Apollo, and Nalle

All of Me…


Nalle, Me, and Kobe taking a wrestling water break at the park

I’m three parts cutsie

Two parts each silly and shy

And a lot of fluff!



Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You/Recipe


Agility School…


Me chasing sistah Nalle at the dog park. We get at least three miles of exercise every day! Wooooowooooo!

Never went to school

But I’d do agility

If I ever did




Daily Prompt: Back to School



Rainy Season by Guest Blogger Oz!

Big clouds in the sky

Let Heaven’s tears fall each day

My spirit still soars



Thank yoooowooooowooooooo and high paws to my pawesome fellow poetic pup Oz the Terrier! Check out his blog for limericks and all things pup, especially treats! Woooooowooooooo!



Me checking my blog stats after a busy morning at the park

Connected by Love

Sharing stories of rescue

Bonded in ether




Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

Pup Party…


Nalle and Me showing Baby Kobe how to wrestle!

Parties at the park

Lots of wrestling and running

Nap all afternoon



Daily Prompt: Party Animals

Feature Article!


Me being humble

Intro article

About my rescue story

And healing journey





Check out my article, a short introduction for my book (which is coming out soon!), Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could at Untold Animal Stories!

Guest Blogger: Ruby!


Thank you beautiful Ruby! Click pic to visit her blog where you can read about her and her sneaky food and hunting adventures.

Nose horizontal

Brain and stomach disconnect

Mouth hoovers loose crumbs




Daily Prompt: Fly on the Wall/Sneaky


Yoga and Doga…

BookCoverImageGizmo does doga

After reading cat yoga

A smart pup indeed!



Thanks Gizmo at Terrier Torrent for writing a pawesome book review for my sistah Zoe’s book, Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat. A great and wise read for all animals, and humans! Also, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal rescue!!! Wooooowoooooo! Ku

You can also visit Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen Blog!

Guest Blog: A Limerick by Oz the Terrier!


Oz_05There once was a poet named Ku

whose name means ‘Bear’ (and his sister Nalle’s does too).

He’s a Malamute, not a Cheetah

though in past lives, maybe Akita

since he always thinks and writes in Haiku.



Click to read more of the great Oz’ poetry!

Meet and Greet!

photo-2A great meet and greet

At the Blogville Chronicle

For me and Zoe!



“We have fursiblings of different species as our guests on today’s Meet & Greet. So pull up a chair while each introduces the other.”  Continue reading Zoe and me introducing each other…

Guest Blogger: Apollo, the Little Lion Man

photo-2Hi evwybody! Dis is Apowwo, Kooowoook’s widdow bwuder. I dont wite hi kooo, so I wiww do da opposite. I may be widdow, but I am wilwy Kooowoook’s owder bwuder. I am seven years owd, and have da bwooest eyes. I awso have a wion’s mane, and dat makes me a widdow wion man.

photo-1I am not vewy good wif my ew’s (l’s) and aw’s (r’s), so pweeze exquuse my witing. I am widdow, so Mama said I couwd do da typing mysewf. I twy to do my best, but I am just a widdow wion man.

Wike my bwuder Kooo I am vewy handsum, and I have mayde wots of girwows swoon when day see my bwooo eyes. I have Siamese coworing but I am onwy hawf Siamese. Da udder hawf is Norweeegen Fowest Kitty. I wikes to cwime wots of twees and I wikes to go out and get wet in da wain and da snow.

photoBut my Siamese hips awe a widdow week so I do not cwime as much as I ust to. I wuv to why in da sun and most of all I wuv to cuddow wif my Mama cuz she’s da bestest! I wikes my bwuder and my sistahs Nahweee and Zoweee too, but sumtimes I buggy Zoweee cuz its fun.

Tank yooo fur wetting me be a gest bwogger and have a wunderfow day!

Meew, meew, Apowwo da widdow wion man