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Me working hard at being a writer!

Time to write again

A chapter of the novel

Written by us pets!



Wooooohoooooo! I love that I am an author and poet, and now a fiction writer! I am especially excited that I get to write another chapter to the exciting adventure of a pup named Petey, who is on a mission to find and save his owner. This a pawesome pet collaborative NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) effort, and there are spots still open, so pop on over to Rocco’s House to sign up! Here are the previous chapters:

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Chapter 17:

I wiggled and giggled, but that only made the choke collar choke me. There was nothing I could do and it was getting cold sitting there in the snow. For once I wished I were a big fluffy Alaskan Malamute! Just as I was about to give up hope, I heard the officers shouting in the distance. The snow had disoriented Beast only temporarily, and he was now leading the officers and Hissie’s mom back towards the east, and to me!

I barked as loud as I could so they could find me. Oh Dog, was I glad to see them! They took the nasty collar off of me, freeing me from the tree. The smart lady officer picked me up and wrapped me in her jacket to warm me up. Once I stopped shivering, she asked me to lead us to my owner, and off I dashed!

But we were not alone! The silly human officers seemed unaware that running alongside us through the trees were the coyotes with chicken feathers all over their faces. Were they looking for another meal? I stayed close to Beast this time. He could protect me. Then the wise owl returned with two rats in its talons, and distracting them lead the coyotes off in the opposite direction. Whew! Thank you wise owl!

Back in the ravine, Beast’s mom tried to clean off the blood from Petey’s owner’s face using some tissues she had in her pocket and saliva. (Moms!) She could see that it was just a few cuts above his eye and on his chin. It was a strong manly chin with a movie star dimple in the middle. The man began to gain consciousness, and when he opened his eyes, Beast’s mom was met with the most radiant emerald green eyes she had ever seen, besides her own of course. After a few moments of mutually being mesmerized in each other’s eyes, they heard rustling and what sounded like large creatures trashing through the forest. They hugged each other close shivering in fear!

Check out tomorrow’s chapter at Miro’s again!


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Me taking notes for our novel so Mama can translate and type them up for me.

Writing a novel

Is a big task for a pup

Who’s just a poet


Jointly we write a novel

Pets over at Rocco’s House




Wooooowooooo! November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Rocco over at Rocco’s House had the pawesome idea to join forces with other pet bloggers to write our own novel! He is so smart. We pets have so much to do like go for walks, ask for treats, play, and take naps that it just wouldn’t be possible for us to meet the NaNoWriMo challenge of 50,000 words in the month or 2,000 words per day! So we are supporting each other in this writing project. Woooowooooo!

I know I am a published author with my autobiography and I am a poet, but this is my first try at fiction, so I hope you like it! Here are the first six authors and chapters:

  1.  Rocco
  2.  Bongo
  3.  Haley and Zaphod
  4.  Easy Rider
  5.  My Rotten Dogs
  6. Sophie Doodle

And here’s my chapter:

I hopped over the tree tugging the mystery lady with me. “Wait, Petey!” she screamed as she picked herself up off the ground but still clenching tight to my collar. She then pulled another treat out of her Mary Poppins purse. It was delicious, but by now I was wary of her. And then before I could finish wolfing down my treat she slapped a choke collar and leash on me! She had those in her purse too?! What else is in there?

She had to drag me through the woods. By now it was very dark, but at least the moon was full. I would see drag marks on the forest floor, and with them the scent of my owner! Oh Dog! What has this lady done to my owner! She must be taking me to him, so I will play along until I can rescue him. Maybe this way she’ll give me more treats too!

The wind began to pick up making the branches on the trees creak and the leaves rustle. The forest sounded like it was alive! The lady seemed scared of the sounds, and would jump and tug on the choke collar. Unfortunately she forgot all about the treats in her bottomless purse.

Then, all of a sudden, we reached a very old run-down cabin. Finally the lady stood still for a moment so I could go potty! I decided to pee on her leg, which made her scream like a Banshee. A man then opened the cabin door. With the light shining behind him, all I could see was a black silhouette. I could still smell the scent of my owner, but this man smelled like something else…pizza!

Check out the next chapter tomorrow at Oh My Shih Tzu!

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Not bad for first try, huh? Woooowooooo!