My New Bed!

photo 1-2

My new bed!

I love my new bed

A waterproof kid’s mattress

Pawfect fur outside!



Wooohoowooooooo Efurrybuddy! Mama came across this big comfy toddler’s mattress and realized that it was a pawfect size fur me! And it’s waterproof so now I have my own bed fur the deck!


photo 3-2

This is by far the biggest bed I’ve ever had!

photo 2-4

Thanks Mama fur thinking of this bed idea! This bed is the pawesomest!

photo 4

It’s the best fur napping on a summers day in the garden!

Anniversary Pawty!

photo 1-1

Pups hoping to be adopted


One hundred forty-five years

Thousands of lives saved






Wooooowoooooo! It was a toasty day (close to 80°!) but me and Nalle just had to go to the San Francisco SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – 145th Anniversary Celebration! We had lots of fun, met lots of pups, and told lots of people about my book to support animal rescue and welfare!

photo 1-2

There were even horses there! They are big!

photo 2-2

Nalle was very intrigued!

photo 3-1

We met this big doggy too.

photo 5

He and Nalle hit it off right away!

photo 2-1

We got pawesome new bandanas!

photo 3

And after a long morning of pawtying I needed a good long nap!


Happy Blue Moon!

imagesThis Full Blue Moon starts

A new waning moon cycle

Rest to emerge fresh!



Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

Haiku Heights #272: Fresh

Mama says that the waning moon is a time to rest, so we are going to take a short break from the blogosphere (Mama manages four blogs!) to rest and refresh! Here’s what will I do during my break from composing Haiku:


Play more with my sistah Nalle


Nap with my sistah Nalle


Enjoy the trails more


Watch some more Nature shows about my wolfie cousins




Take Mama places


Wait for Mama to come home


Nap with brother Apollo


Visit friends at the doggie park


Visit the treat dispensers at the doggie park


And of course nap some more!