The Poofy “Puppy” Bed…

photo 4-2

“Um, Zoe…Apollo…you’re hogging my bed.”

My big poofy bed

Very comfy and cozy

I’d sleep on it more


But Apollo and Zoe

Think it’s a poofy cat bed!


photo 3-4

Me and Nalle are very respectful of our older and higher ranking in the pack kitty furblings. We never kick them off OUR beds.

photo 1-3

Nalle will try to squeeze on though.

photo 2-3

Sometimes there is room to share.

photo 5-2

But I just wait patiently and let them sleep. 🙂

Off to the Ball!


Click to go to the Ball!

To the Ball I go

I’m smitten with a kitten

Lovely Nylablue




Daily Prompt: Smitten

Wooooohooooowooooo Efurrybuddy! Today is Valentine’s Day and the whole pack is off to Madi’s Queen of Hearts Ball! My Nylabluewoooowooo sent me this loverly Valentine, and I am smitten!

Nylablue's card to Kuruk 2014

Nylablue lives way up in snowy snowy Canada, so I was going to pick her up in this:


Not Me. No snow where I live. 😦

But she has not been feeling well, and she deserves to be picked up in style:


In case you hadn’t heard, Brofur Apollo went all the way Down Unda to propose to his most divine Dinnermintz. Click here to find out how he surprised her! Apollo and Dinnermintz, and sisfur Zoe and her date Maurice, Dinnermintz’ cousin, and the whole Fozziegang and dates all flew Quantas to the Ball in style:


Efurryone got all dolled up fur the Ball!


The newly engaged couple, Apollo and Dinnermintz! Wooohooowoooo!


Maurice and Zoe


Me and my most beauwooowooootiful Nylabluewooowooooo!


Nalle showing off her long elegant legs fur her date Jack. Jack lives Down Unda too, but missed the flight with the Fozziegang. We will meet him at the Ball!

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day Efurrybuddy! Wooooohooooowoooooooo!

p.s. and lots and lots of wuvwuvwuv to my Mama and thank you fur rushing all over the globe fur us! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, Ku, Nalle, Zoe, and Apollo ❤

Guest Post: Brother Apollo (Romeo)


Me handsum Bwooo Eyes longing for my sweet Dinnermintz

Hewwoo Evfurrybuddy! Dis iz Apowwo, Koowoook’s widdow owda bwuder and Dinnermintz widdow wion man Womeo! Kooowoook iz kind to wet me guest bwoggy today becuz I miss my boootifuw Dinnermintz. Me and Dinnermintz aw madwee in wuv. Shee wivs all da way awound da worwold, but we do not wet da wong distance get in da way of the deep wuv we hav furr each oder. I wote a wuv haiku for my pwuxourius Dinnermintz:




My bootifuw and pwuxurious Dinnermintz. Isn’t she Divine?


My Divine Boooty

You shine wikes da stars above

And burn in my heawt







I Astwal Twavel to my Dinnermintz in my dweems!



I bow down to yooos divine booty my Cweocatarar Dinnermintz


I twy to see and woo my Juwiet-Dinnermintz troo da compooterwebbanetz


Marauding Pirates!

sf_western_addition_map-dThey came to our land

And plundered our toys and food

Marauding pirates!



Our friend Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny is having a Pirate Party! Woooohooooo!

But then me and my sisfur Swami Zoe stumbled across Sammy’s post, saying that he has been made the Viceroy over a certain territory in California, which happens to be where we live. And he’s given our home to other animals! What Cattitude! We will hold our ground from the marauders! I’m sure it was all just a BIG misunderstanding and that we can end this dispute peacefully and then head back to the Pirate Party because it looks like lots of fun! 


Me and Zoe were getting ready for the party when we were informed about the invasion!