Beaches & Mountains


Me checking out the mossy tide pools.

Beaches and mountains

Exploring tide pools and hikes

Labyrinth surprise






Woooohooooowoooooo Efurrybuddy! We has been having furry lots more fun, of course! WOL! As you may know, I wuvwuvwuvs both the beach and the mountains, and we lives in the most pawesome place fur both. Here is piccies from both, and a surprise we found on a hike with our best buddy Bowser:


Nalle surveying the beach and rocky tide pools.


There was furry bright green moss efurrywhere.


And furry pawesome-looking rocks.



Me and best buddy Bowser on our hike. Bowser is the scout and I is the pack leader. We works furry well together as pawfessional hikers. WOL!


Nalle admiring the scenery.


Furry beauwoowoooootiful scenery on our hike.


The view of Santa Barbara from the top.


And to our surprise, we discovered a secret labyrinth at the top of our hike! Mama was furry excited about that.


Best buddy Bowser decided to do some meditation and contemplation fur a moment.


When we gots home, we was ‘xausted!!!


Mama made me add this piccie too – Me and big sisfur Zoe. She wuvwuvwuvs me. WOO!

My Re-Birthday & Rescueversary!


Furry Happy and Handsome Me!

‘Twas five years ago

That I was freed from the chain

Bound almost two years


I’ve gained fifty pounds since then

And travelled four thousand miles!



Wooohoooowooooooooo Efurrybuddy! Me and sisfur Nalle and Mamaclickyfingerssecretary were too busy on a hiking adventure to bloggy about this sooner, but two days ago on 1-11 I had my Re-Birthday and Rescueversary! Wooooooooowoooooooooooo! Fur those who do not know my past:

One cold Alaska day five years ago, some strange humans came to see me and my pack of nearly 170 Alaskan Malamutes at a puppy mill in Alaska. They were shocked by what they found – no food, no water, all the snow eaten that we could reach from our four-foot chains, and sadly some deceased members of my pack. The next day on 1-11-11, they came back, removed us from our chains, and took us to a shelter to help us get medical care, food, water, and hopefully real homes! They were true angels that came on that angelic number day!

The dogters in Alaska thought I was about 2 years old based on my teeth and only weighed 35 lbs! Today I weigh about 85 lbs. My furs are no longer brittle and dry, but super duper fluff, fluff, fluff. I have come a furry long way in the past five years, especially when it comes to being social with strange humans. Nobuddy would know now that I was “like a feral wolf” as my Mama says. It is Mama’s magical healing wuvwuvwuv that helped to heal so much!

Lake 22 Kuruk's 4th hike 5.20.11 005

Me in 2011 after my rescue when I was in foster care.

I tell the full story of my healing journey in my bookie: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could, One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing. The purpose of my book about the story of my rescue is to raise awareness about puppy mills and animal abuse. You can order it through Create Space or Amazon (including eBook!) or Barnes & Noble or by clicking the picture of my book cover! Also: Amazon CanadaAmazon UKAmazon India, and other international Amazon stores.

I have moved from Alaska to Washington to Northern California, and now I live in Southern California in a place where I can go to the beach or hike in the mountains efurryday! Wooooowooooooooo! Here are some piccie from our our new home and latest adventures, but scroll through my bloggy to see more or follow Mama’s Instagram here (where she sometimes often posts piccies of Me and Nalle)!


I can see beauwoowooooootiful sunrises efurry morning from my bedroom window! That bright star is Venus, the morning star!


I can take Mama and sisfur Nalle to some trails right from our front door, and we’ve discovered a couple of fairy light bridges like this one!


Some mornings we go to the beach. I wuvwuvwuvs the sandy beaches!


It’s pawfect fur digging fur buried treasure!


There are lost of cooowoowoool rocks here!


I’m sure I saw a gnome scurry inside this little cave!


Some days we go to the doggie park, and I’ve been making some new furriends!


A furry pretty tree at the doggie park.


Fur my Re-Birthday I took Mama and sisfur Nalle on a new hike. I am a most pawesome trail guide, so I always lead the pack!


Luckily we got some good rains here in California, so some of the hike was lush and green!


As we climbed up and up and up, it got more like a desert. Don’t worries, Mama brings water fur us!


Someone left me this secret message.


We saw this beauwooowooootiful black bark tree!


That’s all fur now. Me and Nalle gotta plan our next hiking adventure!


In the meantime you can watch this video about my rescue. It has pawesome music toowooowoooo!

Monarch Butterflies!

IMG_1211Monarch Butterflies

Travel thousands of miles

And vacation here!






Woooohoooowooooooo Efurrybuddy! Fur those of you who follow Mama’s bloggy here or her Instagram here (where she sometimes posts piccies of Me and Nalle!) or one of my Facebookies, Kuruk Babybear here or Haiku By Ku here, you may have noticed that we have moved! Mama put Me and sisfur Nalle and kitty sisfur the great and most beautiful Swami Zoe in the car and all our stuff (well, mostly Mama’s stuff) in a truckie and we moved down the coast to Santa Barbara. We visited here a few times before, and we had given Mama our wooooowooooooo of pawproval to live here. And here we are!

It has only been a couple of weeks, but we are getting settled and exploring all the pawesome places and lots of trails here. This afternoon Mama took Me and Nalle to the Goleta Butterfly Grove. We had to hike through a eucalyptus forest fur a while to find the spot where the Monarch Butterflies vacation fur the winter. This is just one of their vacation spots, but they have a big big big one in Mexico too! (See video documentary below.)

Here are lots of piccies of our adventure today. The butterflies were furry high up in the eucalyptus trees and fluttering about furry high in the bluewoowoooo sky, but Mama did her best to get some piccies. They will be gathering fur vacation here until February, so we will be back fur more piccies too!


The trail to the Butterfly Grove was marked with these butterfly posts. As you know from my hiking bloggy posts, I am an expert trail guide, so I led the way.


The Eucalyptus Forest


I followed the signs…


And followed…


And saw these two trees in a loving embrace!


There were some homes next to part of the trail. This signs says: Butterfly Crossing


The entrance to the Monarch Butterfly Grove


We were greeted immediately! And there were many more…
















I hope you enjoyed the beauwooowooootiful butterflies! Happy Holidays Efurrybuddy!

Pups On Vacation!


Me and Nalle hangin’ on the beach.

Pups on vacation

Hanging on the beach and surf

Lounging days away





Wooohooowooooo Efurrybuddy! Me and Nalle have been on vacation all week. Mama is with us toowoowooooo, but she in on a “working vacation,” which means she is doing her Mama workystuff on the road. Here are lots and lots of piccies of our most pawesome vacation so far:

El Camino Real

Furst we drove over 300 miles down the historic El Camino Real, the Royal Road. It’s known today as Highway 101.

Indian food Santa Barbara

After the long day of traveling, we took Mama out fur Indian food in downtown Santa Barbara at this furry pretty restaurant.


I checked out the new digs furry thoroughly. I approve!


The bed is comfy tooowowooooo! Now as some of you know I never get onto Mama’s bed, however this is technically not Mama’s bed, but a vacation bed. WOL!


Me checking out the surf.


Nalle smiling about our walks on the beach. We wuvwuvwuv the beach!


Me and Nalle hangin’ on the beach.

When Mama had to go out to do all that Mamastuff around the town, Me and Nalle did this:



When Mama was doing all her tarot readings and healing and coaching sessions, we did this:



When Mama went to go cook herself at the beach (I know, but Mama was born without her furs, and she needs to be warm), we did this:



Sand artist

We saw this guy and his sand mermaid on one cool evening walk.


We saw these giant beautiful dolphins tooowoowoooooo!


There are lots of boats in the sea!


Nalle and Me made sure to make Mama’s bed fur her since she was working so hard.


One evening we walked way way way out on the wharf.


It was a furry long wharf.


At the edge of the wharf, we were far out to sea, like halfway to China. I’ve dug halfway to China, and this was much easier, but not as fun! WOL!


The forest just past the city where we went hiking the next morning.


Nalle was mesmerized by the smell of fishies underneath the wharf.


A little Santa Barbara Native American history.



One piccie from our hike in the forest looking out over the city towards the sea.


Enough bloggytime! Gotta get back to vacationing! Wooohooowooowooooooooooo!


Thanks fur stopping by!

Our Furst Camping Trip!

Me ready to lead Mama and Nalle into the redwood forest!

Hiking the trails

Sleeping in the forest deep

Camping pups we are!










I suppose I should tell efurrybuddy that I am prepping Mama and Nalle to go on a backpacking trip. Youwoowooooo heard me right! I am an outdoorsy pup. I grew up in Alaska after all, and as you can tell from some of my bloggy posts about our adventures traveling and hiking, I wuvwuvwuvwuvwuv being on the trails. So furst I tested Mama and Nalle with the tent-den by sleeping in it in the backyard fur a night. They did furry good. Then I got Mama to do research fur a camping spot in the forest with some good trails so I could see how they would do sleeping all night in the wilds and so we could simulate backpacking with lots of hiking. They did furry, furry goods tooowoowoowooooooo! Next I needs to train Mama and Nalle to do longer and longer hikes so when we are backpacking, they can keep up with me!

Here are piccies from our furst camping trip in the Redwoods in Marin County:


The Redwoods are furry tall!


Furry beauwoowoootiful sunlight through the Redwoods!


Nalle and Me practicing hiking with our backpacks. We will carry all our supplies on the real backpacking trip, so I told Nalle we has to get used to them.


We came across this snaky on one trail.


The Redwoods through out tent-den rooftop window.

Me and Nalle made sure to keep an eye out fur polar bears and any monsters in the woods:




Me looking furry cute fur Mama.


Nalle looking a little worried abouts monsters in the woods.


But all went well and we slept soundly.


There was lots of pretty Thistle on our morning hike.


Thanks fur joining us! Mama and Nalle did furry good, huh?

And fur those who may have noticed, Facebookie discovered I had a profile. Now I am a published author, poet, blogger, calendar pin-up, and movie star, and I think it’s not fair that I can’t have a Facebookie profile. WOOO! However, I do has my Haiku By Ku page and now my Kuruk Babybear page has replaced my profile, so please stop on by and like me! Thank youwooooowoooooooo!

Mount Lassen

Hiking Mount Lassen

Me leading the way on our hike at Mount Lassen. I am furry, furry good at following trails. Mama says maybe I could get a job as a forest ranger trail guide!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Volcanic rocks and forest

Me a trail guide










Furstly, there are lots and lots of forest wildfires in almost all of the Northern California counties. We were not in danger, but you could see and smell the smoke in the air efurrywhere. It makes both the Moon and the Sun furry orange. Mama tried to get the super orange Sun early this morning, but the piccie does not do it justice:


Pawlease prays fur rain, rain, rain fur our burning and drought stricken state! Now fur our hike. Furst we hiked a part of the Pacific Crest Trail. It was an area that had a big fire in 2009 but is slowly coming back:

Hiking Mount Lassen

Black and burnt pine trees

Hiking Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen peak behind the ashy, smoking air

Then we went to a less dry area to check out the volcanic rocks. Did you know we were hiking on a volcano!?!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Volcanic mud spatter cones, it turns out, look a lot like giant cow pies. WOL!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Pretty Mossy Tree

Hiking Mount Lassen

Volcanic rock



Hiking Mount Lassen

Giant cow pies, errr, I mean ancient mud spatter. WOL!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Me teaching Nalle how to follow a trail

Hiking Mount Lassen

Nalle inspecting one of the many caves made by the spatter


Hiking Mount Lassen

The caves are made by hot, hot, hot lava flow

Hiking Mount Lassen

Nalle resting and looking pretty

Hiking Mount Lassen

I’m sure this one must be a bear cave!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Nalle and Me resting after our hikes on the coowoowoooool cement at the trailhead. It was only mid-day when we finished, but it was going to be over 100° later! Glad Mama gets us up before the Sun!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Me passed out in the car on the way back. Three days of pawesome hiking, and I’m one tired pup! Thanks fur joining us!

Mama’s Birthday Gifts at Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Me at Mount Shasta

Peace, Beauty, Nature,

All gifts from us fur Mama,

Fur a happy day!








Bear Country

Me and Nalle felt right at home in Mount Shasta! (Our names mean “Bear”!)

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

Furst we tookst Mama to the Peace Garden in the city of Mount Shasta. It was furry peaceful!

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

There were angels

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

And lots of yummy smelling lavender surrounding a living labyrinth!

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

The Labyrinth – Mama said we could not walk it. Something a bouts us messing up the path. WOO!

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

We saw Buddha!

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

And prayer flags efurrywhere! We even made our own and hung it on a tree!

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

We saw Quan Yin!

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

And Amma

Mount Shasta Peace Garden

And our buddy Saint Francis. Remember we went to church fur Saint Francis Day? Check it out here:


Mount Shasta Peace Garden

This pole had different language peace prayers

Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

Then we drove up, up, up over 5,000 feet to get to the Gray Butte Trailhead

Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta peak in the distance. It’s over 14,000 feet and gots glaciers! Mama said we were not going to the top, but I knew I could do it if we did.

Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

We went through Panther Meadow, but no panthers in sight



Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

I finally gots Nalle to dip her toes in one of the little creeks in Panther Meadow

Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

Most of the trail was furry narrow, rocky, and along ridges. We had to go single file most of the way and I was the pack leader, Mama was the power in the middle, and Nalle took up the rear


Mount Shasta

I luvsed the view from the top of Gray Butte. I coulda stayed all day

Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

We climbsd to over 8,000 feet! Wooooowoooooooo!

Gray Butte Trail Mount Shasta

I did one of my protests cuz I didn’t want to leave the beauwoowoooootiful mountain. Mama says I can be as stubborn as a Malamute! WOL!

Mount Shasta

Me and Nalle tookst Mama out fur Mexican food fur her birthday after the hike! She says it was yumwumwum!

Mount Shasta

Nalle and Me sat in the shade and hydrated some more

Mount Shasta

Nalle being goofy girl under the table

Mount Shasta

And nows wez all tuckered out, but furry happy!

Puppy Playtime…


Me and Nalle playing in our room

Me and Nalle play

In all sorts of diff’rent ways

Puppies just have fun



Daily Prompt: Playtime



We play tug-o-war



We wrestle-wrestle



We love to explore the trails


photo 2-3

And play at the beach


photo 5-2

Chewing bones and rawhide is lots of fun


photo 3-3

And playing with stuffies

A Pup’s Habits…


Sisfur Nalle and Me take Mama for walks around the city

It’s Silent Sunday

Pictures speak a thousand words

These are my habits





Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


I like to go to the doggy park

photo 2-1

And take Mama on hikes


We wait for Mama when she goes to the coffeshop to get us treats!


Sometimes We visit the treat dispensers at the doggie park toowooowooo!


I play with my sisfur


And work on my bloggy


And take lots of naps

photo 1

Got my new Facebook page too!

photo 2

And I write! Wooooooowooooooooo!

Sweeney Ridge…

photo 1Hiking Sweeney Ridge

We hiked up and up and up

With our new backpacks



photo 5-2Wooooohooooowooooo! Mama took us hiking this morning even though it was toasty here in sunny California. Back in Washington we always could find rivers and streams and snow to quench our thirst, but not where we live now. Mostly we hike around our mountainous city with its big pawesome parks, but Mama was finally able to afford to buy us our very own backpacks so we could carry the large amount of water we fluffy snow pups need in the heat! They are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

photo 3

Me and my new blue backpack!

photo 2

Nalle look at Mama!

photo 5

I love trails!

photo 2-1

All packed up and ready to go!

photo 1-2

Nalle, pay attention!

photo 3-2

Water break at the top

photo 4-2

Nalle, look over here!


Tired, tired pups

photo 1-1

View from the trail




Lake 22 Kuruk's 4th hike 5.20.11 005

Me hiking with my foster mama when I was still skinny from the puppy mill


Would sculpt me so brave and tall

Conquering my fears



Daily Prompt: Michelangelo’s YOU

Extra Thanks!


Me with the backpack full of Frosty Paws stuff!

A Tanka of thanks

To Peace, Love, and Whiskers blog

You sure made my day

I won a lot of cool stuff

Too excited to sit still






An insulated and water-proof backpack, collapsable bowl, water bottle, poop bag dispenser with bags, freezable food container, and a coupon for free treats! Wooooohoooooowooooooo!

Look at the cool stuff

Inside the Frosty Paws bag

Let’s go hiking now!