Halloween Afterpawty!

photo 2-2

The pawesome prizes!

Wooohooowooo oh Dog!

Was I excited today

Mama surprised me


I had no idea that I

Won some Halloween prizes



Last month on Halloween I pawticipated in the 2 Brown Dawgs’ This ‘N’ That Thursday Halloween Edition. Me and the whole pack had a pawesome time pawty hopping all day. You can check it out here. It was a special This ‘N’ That Thursday because there was going to be a random winner of some prizes. And…I won! Woooooowooooooooooo! This is like a Halloween Afterpawty! Thank you 2 Brown Doggies! Please go visit Thunder, Storm, and Freighter at the 2 Brown Dawg Bloggy (yes, there’s three of them). They also have a kitty, named Nestle! Here’s what I got…

photo 1-2

A pawesome card! They even have a business card like me!


photo 3-1

A pawesome collapsable rubber water bowl. It even came with it’s own carabiner! Mama attached it to her backpack to demonstrate.


photo 5

And, what’s this? A spider? It’s much bigger than any spider I’ve seen!


photo 2-1

Maybe I will squooosh it with my bone-crushing jaws.


photo 4

Maybe I will shake it to pieces.


photo 1-1

It seems helpless upside-down. What’s that? It squeaked!


photo 3

He is kinda cute!


photo 1

Spider was getting tired from all the excitement, so I made a nest for him to nappy in.


photo 2

Me and my new buddy Spider! Wooooowoooooo!