Lookin’ Good..


Me lookin’ sharp!

I think I look sharp

In my skull cap and glasses

Ready for some snow





Haiku Heights #318: Sharp

Coming Attraction…

photo 1

Me – a poet-writer pup!

No expectations

But there will be much progress

When my next book comes



Daily Prompt: Progress

Haiku Heights #315 :Expectation

Double Rainbows…


Photo by Mama! Click pic to learn about double rainbows!

Evanescent light

Mirror image of color

Auspicious sighting




Daily Prompt: Evanescence

Haiku Heights #311: Rainbow


Wooohooowooooo! Thank you Haiku Heights for changing your mind and continuing with the pawesome haiku prompts!

Was It a Dream?

photoSuch a happy end

The hero of my own myth

Or was it a dream?






Haiku Heights #293: Myth

If you’d like to read the story of my rescue and healing hero’s journey, and help raise money for animal rescue and welfare, you can check out my book, Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could here!

Happy Blue Moon!

imagesThis Full Blue Moon starts

A new waning moon cycle

Rest to emerge fresh!



Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

Haiku Heights #272: Fresh

Mama says that the waning moon is a time to rest, so we are going to take a short break from the blogosphere (Mama manages four blogs!) to rest and refresh! Here’s what will I do during my break from composing Haiku:


Play more with my sistah Nalle


Nap with my sistah Nalle


Enjoy the trails more


Watch some more Nature shows about my wolfie cousins




Take Mama places


Wait for Mama to come home


Nap with brother Apollo


Visit friends at the doggie park


Visit the treat dispensers at the doggie park


And of course nap some more!


Beautiful Tears…


Click pic to read about big brother Simba

An ocean of tears

Not for past abuse but for

His beautiful love


Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears/Beauty

Haiku Heights #269: Ocean





This is the sardine treat Mama’s gonna make for us this week! The recipe is from 3M Bakery Blog. Click the pic to discover lots and lots of treat recipes! Wooooowoooooo!

Making homemade treats

Must measure ingredients

For deliciousness




Haiku Heights #263: Measure