Early Re-Birthday Presents!


Me all ready for my re-Birthday on Saturday 1-11!

I’m too excited

To write a haiku today

‘Cause we got presents!





Wooooooohooooooowooooooo Efurryone! Yesterday Mama went out to shop fur our food and she stumbled across a most pawesome find! You see, me and Nalle are about 85-90 pounds each, and really fit on extra large beds. Those big beds cost around $100, so Mama has to by us smaller ones on sale, which is ok. But guess what?! Mama found big poofy XL beds fur only $20 each!!! She was so excited about the find that she couldn’t wait until Saturday to give them to us fur my re-Birthday! (Mama gets all silly and excited like that!) 😀 It truly is going to be a pawesome new year! Wooooooooowoooooooooo!

Here is Nalle demonstrating our old beds:

photo 1

Nalle on our two flat blankets, which she liked to chew on. Bye-bye torn-up blankets! And yes, she sleeps with her tongue out.

photo 3

Nalle on my first red bed. It fit me when I was much much skinnier, but not anymore. And yes, she sleeps under Mama’s bed and on the wall a lot!

photo 2

Nalle on the medium-sized brown poofy bed we got last year. We tore a few holes in it playing tug-of-war. Bye-bye brown bed. And yes, Nalle sleeps in all sorts of weird positions with her tongue out.

Here is Brofur Apollo modeling our new big big beds:

photo 4

Dis bed is vewy comfy! Four paws up!

photo 3-2

Kangaroo joey Booo likes the new beds toowoooowoooooo!

And now to see how the new beds fit me and Nalle:

photo 1-2

Pawesome fit! I wuvwuvwuv it! I can even spread out and all of me stays on the bed!

photo 3-3

Woooooooowoooooooooo! Mama, these beds are the bestest!

photo 2-2

Thank you Mama fur the pawesomest new beds! I will keep my first red bed though. I have slept on it efurry night right next to my sleeping Mama. Besides, my new beds won’t fit here. 😀 

Guest Blogger: Donna!


Beautiful photo taken by Donna’s mom!

Flowers for Kuruk

Snowpup beloved of Mama

Each bloom a haiku





Thank you Donna the rescued pup for her lovely Haiku! And thank you for all being such loving blog friends! If you would like your Haiku, or Tanka if you need more syllables, featured here, just send us a comment any time! Wooooowoooooo! Ku

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