Santa Paws Came! Santa Paws Came!

1491711_243013962533582_1708120978_nSanta Paws has come

We must have been good good pups

Still waiting for snow





Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever

Any day with my Mama is the best day ever, but today was extra special because it’s Christmas! Me and Nalle got almost efurrything on our Christmas list. In case you don’t remember, here is the letter we sent to Santa Paws:


And here’s what we very very very good pups got fur Christmas:


Well, we are still waiting fur some snow. Mama says that may take years since it almost never snows here, but maybe there will be a late Christmas miracle and we will find the money to go to the mountains for a few days before the summer. Keep your fingers crossed fur us please!

And Merry Merry Christmas Efurryone! Thank you fur being such pawesome bloggy furriends!