Guest Blogger: Handsome Blue Eyes Apollo


Me handsum bwooo eyes Apowwo widdow wion man

Hewwoo Efurrybuddy, dis is Kooowooook’s owder widdow bwuder Apowwo agen. In yestawdayz bwoggy Kooowoook got a wuvwee awawd: The Mouses Awawd! He sed he had to consowt wif me becuz I am da mousie catcher. Mama even wote abouts it here.


mouses-award-frum-cat-on-me-headNywabwoooo, anuder boootifowl bwooooeyes, gave Koooo dis awawd, and she sayz to pass it on to two uder bwoggerz. So herwe dey aw:

  1. Timmy Tomcat
  2. Da tabbies o’ trout towne, but I tink dey pwefurr fish! MOL! MOL!

Concatulations kittykats! Catch wots of mousies!

Guest Post: Brother Apollo (Romeo)


Me handsum Bwooo Eyes longing for my sweet Dinnermintz

Hewwoo Evfurrybuddy! Dis iz Apowwo, Koowoook’s widdow owda bwuder and Dinnermintz widdow wion man Womeo! Kooowoook iz kind to wet me guest bwoggy today becuz I miss my boootifuw Dinnermintz. Me and Dinnermintz aw madwee in wuv. Shee wivs all da way awound da worwold, but we do not wet da wong distance get in da way of the deep wuv we hav furr each oder. I wote a wuv haiku for my pwuxourius Dinnermintz:




My bootifuw and pwuxurious Dinnermintz. Isn’t she Divine?


My Divine Boooty

You shine wikes da stars above

And burn in my heawt







I Astwal Twavel to my Dinnermintz in my dweems!



I bow down to yooos divine booty my Cweocatarar Dinnermintz


I twy to see and woo my Juwiet-Dinnermintz troo da compooterwebbanetz


The Bad Poetry Winners!

photo-1There once was a poetic puppy

Who had to read some bad poetry

Some caused so much pain in his head

That he passed out by the bed

And that’s how he picked the winners, you see



Wooohooowooooo! Thank you efurryone who pawticipated in the Bad Poetry Day Contest co-hosted by me and my buddy Oz! I made Mama read me all the poems several times to make sure I could pick the worstest, and Oz and I easily agreed! Great poetic minds think alike! The winners are…

Wooooowoooooooo! This was so much fun, and I hope you all had fun tooooowoooowooooooo!

Prizes will be sent out by Oz next week!

Yoga and Doga…

BookCoverImageGizmo does doga

After reading cat yoga

A smart pup indeed!



Thanks Gizmo at Terrier Torrent for writing a pawesome book review for my sistah Zoe’s book, Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat. A great and wise read for all animals, and humans! Also, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal rescue!!! Wooooowoooooo! Ku

You can also visit Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen Blog!

Meet and Greet!

photo-2A great meet and greet

At the Blogville Chronicle

For me and Zoe!



“We have fursiblings of different species as our guests on today’s Meet & Greet. So pull up a chair while each introduces the other.”  Continue reading Zoe and me introducing each other…