Mount Lassen

Hiking Mount Lassen

Me leading the way on our hike at Mount Lassen. I am furry, furry good at following trails. Mama says maybe I could get a job as a forest ranger trail guide!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Volcanic rocks and forest

Me a trail guide










Furstly, there are lots and lots of forest wildfires in almost all of the Northern California counties. We were not in danger, but you could see and smell the smoke in the air efurrywhere. It makes both the Moon and the Sun furry orange. Mama tried to get the super orange Sun early this morning, but the piccie does not do it justice:


Pawlease prays fur rain, rain, rain fur our burning and drought stricken state! Now fur our hike. Furst we hiked a part of the Pacific Crest Trail. It was an area that had a big fire in 2009 but is slowly coming back:

Hiking Mount Lassen

Black and burnt pine trees

Hiking Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen peak behind the ashy, smoking air

Then we went to a less dry area to check out the volcanic rocks. Did you know we were hiking on a volcano!?!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Volcanic mud spatter cones, it turns out, look a lot like giant cow pies. WOL!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Pretty Mossy Tree

Hiking Mount Lassen

Volcanic rock



Hiking Mount Lassen

Giant cow pies, errr, I mean ancient mud spatter. WOL!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Me teaching Nalle how to follow a trail

Hiking Mount Lassen

Nalle inspecting one of the many caves made by the spatter


Hiking Mount Lassen

The caves are made by hot, hot, hot lava flow

Hiking Mount Lassen

Nalle resting and looking pretty

Hiking Mount Lassen

I’m sure this one must be a bear cave!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Nalle and Me resting after our hikes on the coowoowoooool cement at the trailhead. It was only mid-day when we finished, but it was going to be over 100° later! Glad Mama gets us up before the Sun!

Hiking Mount Lassen

Me passed out in the car on the way back. Three days of pawesome hiking, and I’m one tired pup! Thanks fur joining us!

Monster Storm!

Out my window

The storm out my window

Super monster storm

Drowning California drought

We will not go out!






Sisfur Nalle and me waiting out the monster storm. We can hold it fur a few days, really Mama, really!


Snow Pups…

photo 1

Sisfur Nalle and Me walking in the rain. We really need it fur the drought here in California!

We are true snow pups

We don’t like the rain that much

Raincoats out again





photo 2

Mama made us stop fur a picture, but we want to keep walking. We wuvwuvwuv our walkies!


photo 3

Me sticking my tongue out at Mama fur deciding to stop at the French bakery.