Guest Blogger: Pup the Rabbit!


Click pic to visit Pup! Toocuuuwooooowoooooote!

Silky long black ears

Two big fluffy gray feet and

One nose that wiggles




Thank youwooowoooooo Pup the Rabbit for guest blogging today! Pawesome haiku and nose kissywiggles too youwooowooooo!

If you are a pet blogger and would like to guest post your haiku just send my secretary Mama an email here.

Marauding Pirates!

sf_western_addition_map-dThey came to our land

And plundered our toys and food

Marauding pirates!



Our friend Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny is having a Pirate Party! Woooohooooo!

But then me and my sisfur Swami Zoe stumbled across Sammy’s post, saying that he has been made the Viceroy over a certain territory in California, which happens to be where we live. And he’s given our home to other animals! What Cattitude! We will hold our ground from the marauders! I’m sure it was all just a BIG misunderstanding and that we can end this dispute peacefully and then head back to the Pirate Party because it looks like lots of fun! 


Me and Zoe were getting ready for the party when we were informed about the invasion!