photo 5-2

This bone is nothing fur my bone-crushing jaws. I hear dinosaur bones are big big big! I think I will see if I can find some.

An excavation

Archaeological dig

A pup on the hunt


Looking for dinosaur bones

May have to dig to China







Wooohooowooooo Efurrybuddy! I’ve been furry busy in my retirement from being a busy busy author! I’ve been trying lots of new things, and this week on an impulse I decided to become a paleontologist (that’s a dinosaur archaeologist!). I am working furry furry hard on the hunt fur monstrous dinosaur bones. Mama says those may be the only bones strong enough to hold up to my Malamute jaws. Here’s what I have accomplished so far with my intensive labor:

photo 3

Here is dig site number one. No dinosaur bones, but a great place to store my tennis ball!

photo 2

Site number two. This is hopeful. Found some ancient roots over the course of three days of hard hard labor. I will keep digging here fur sure!

photo 1

Site number three got flooded in the rain. Will have to reassess after laboring more at site number two!

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A Pup’s Shopping List…

photo 1I’m a simple pup

I only need a few things

Food and some raw hide

Maybe a dinosaur bone*

And most of all treats, treats, treats!



The Queen Creatives’s Prompts For the Promptless – Shopping List

* Mals have wolfie jaws and we can crush through bone. Mama says we need to find dinosaur bones so we don’t obliterate them in ten minutes. Raw hide last much longer! Wooooowoooooo!