Happy Birthday to My Sisfur Nalle!

photo 4-2Happy Birthday to you

I love you, I do

You’re the bestest puppy sisfur

A pup could ask fur, it’s true!






Wooooooohoooowooooooo Efurrybuddy! Today is my sisfur’s 4th birthday! Wooooohooooowoooooooooo!

Remember how on National Doggie Day when we took Mama to a pet store and Nalle was sniff-shopping and she had her eye on a dinosaur bone? Well, Nalle said I could pick out a present fur her birthday this year instead. So I got Mama to stop in at another pet store during one of our longer walks by convincing her we just wanted to stop in fur some water and free treats. WOL! Well, to Mama’s surprise I picked out a pretzel sharkie fur Nalle’s birthday present! And then I carried it all the way home – 1.5 miles! – fur my sisfur.

photo 2-3

Bye-bye pet store! Thanks fur the free treats and the sharkie!

photo 1-4

Lots of places to hold pretzel sharkie.

photo 3-3

Don’t worry Nalle. I can carry pretzel sharkie all the way home fur you!

And thank you to our furry buddy Easy fur sending Nalle this most pawesome card! Nalle wuvwuvwuvs it! She even has a mini polar bear tooowoooowooooooo!


Fur those of you who don’t know my sisfur well (she only guest bloggies here once in a bluewoowoooo moon), she shares a bloggy with Mama’s animal healing site, where she bloggies about her job as an animal assisted therapy pup. She works furry hard helping others heal with her wuvwuvwuv! Check her out here!

photo 3-2

Nalle furry happy after she passed all her tests to become a therapy pup, aka Nurse Nalle! I am furry furry proud of my sisfur!

National Doggie Day!

photo 1-2National Dog Day

We celebrated today

And played at the beach


Lots of sand dollars around

To bring luck to all us hounds


Wooohooowoooooo Efurrybuddy! Today is National Doggie Day and Mama took me and sisfur Nalle to the beach to celebrate! And guess who we ran into?!? Remember when Mama took us to the biggest, pawesomest Snow Pup Paw-ty ever? Well, we ran into Nalle’s boyfurriend Kodiac! Here is a piccie of him kissing Nalle at the Snow Pup Paw-ty:

photo 3-3

After about an hour exploring the beach, Mama took us to a pet store and got us big yumwumwumwumwum braided bully sticks!

photo 2

Me enjoying my bully stick. They did not last furry long. WOL!

At the pet store Nalle was sniff-shopping. Why? Because Saturday the 30th is her birthday! She will be 4 years old, eventhough she wants to be a baby pup furever. WOL! She has her eye on the giant dinosaur-looking bone fur her birthday present. (Hint to Mama!) 😉 Wooooooooooooowooooooooooooo!

Sisfur Zoe’s Birthday and a Gift for You!

photo 2Most beautiful girl

My sisfur the great swami

And wise yogicat


Looking no older than two

A happy birthday to you!


Wooohoooowoooooo Efurrybuddy! Saturday July 5th is big sisfur Zoe’s 13th birthday! But, she doesn’t look a day older than two, of course! That must be because of her tireless yoga and meditation practice indeed! If you don’t know Swami Zoe, short for the great Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrananda, clicky on over to her website Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen. She has been on an intensive extensive yoga retreat, but she does plan on posting new eternal yoga and zen wisdom soon!

And to celebrate, the most gracious and selfless Swami is offering fur free!!! the e-version of her great book, Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat! Click here to download from July 4-8th. If you do not have Kindle, you can also download a Kindle App for free here!

Now efurryone has a great reason to kick off Zoe’s birthday celebration with fireworks tonight! WOL! Happy Birthday Zoe!

It’s My re-Birthday!


Me and sisfur Nalle celebrating my re-Birthday!

If I picked a day

To celebrate life and love

Fast forward to now!






Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

Woooooohoooooowoooooooo Efurrybuddy! It’s my re-Birthday! In case you don’t know my story, here’s the lovely tribute sisfur Zoe at Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen wrote fur me:

Me-Ommmmm Efurryone! I’m so excited to tell efurryone that Saturday the 11th is my little brofur Kuruk’s re-Birthday! Yes, you read that right. You see, Ku was born at a puppy mill in Alaska and lived on a 4-foot chain his first couple of years of life. Luckily the puppy mill was shut down and Ku and his whole pack of nearly 160 snow pups went into rescue. That day was 1-11-11! When Mama brought Ku home, she decided that since no one knew Ku’s real birthday that 1-11-11 would be Ku’s first re-Birthday! So Ku is going to be 4!!! He’s come such a long long way in the past three years. Me and Mama and efurryone are so so proud of my little brofur Ku! We wuvwuvwuv you Ku!

Me and Nalle got pawesome new big big big beds!

photo 1-5

I like the red one!

photo 2-5

Nalle likes the green one!

photo 3-3

But when it’s beddyby-time at night, I have to sleep on my first red bed next to Mama!

I wish I got to sleep on my new beds more:

photo 4-3

Sisfur Zoe uses the beds fur her nearly constant yoga and meditation practice! She is a very dedicated great Swami!

photo 1-4

Brofur Apollo hogs the beds too!

photo 1

But Apollo and Nalle share sometimes! That’s how big big big these new beds are!

And we got more piggy ears! Buddy Bacon and Mini Piggy, please close your eyes for the next few pics!

photo 2-3

Yumwumwum piggy ear!

photo 3

Yumwumwumwumwumwum!photo 1-3

This morning, after Mama turned into the Kissiemonster, we did our usual routine:

photo 2-4

Breakfast with extra treats on top!

photo 3-2

And our early morning walk. Can you see us? Mama gets up early!!!

It’s supposed to rain today even though California is having a drought. But if it doesn’t, Mama will take us on an extra long hike through pawesome parks and trails around the city. Time fur my morning nap, but before I go, here is the pawesome re-Birthday card I got from my kitty girlfurriend Nylabluewooowoooooo! xoxoxoxoxoxo!

Kuruk's Rebirfday card frum Nylaue

And from the Fozziegang Down Unda! Thank youwoooowooooooo!


Early Re-Birthday Presents!


Me all ready for my re-Birthday on Saturday 1-11!

I’m too excited

To write a haiku today

‘Cause we got presents!





Wooooooohooooooowooooooo Efurryone! Yesterday Mama went out to shop fur our food and she stumbled across a most pawesome find! You see, me and Nalle are about 85-90 pounds each, and really fit on extra large beds. Those big beds cost around $100, so Mama has to by us smaller ones on sale, which is ok. But guess what?! Mama found big poofy XL beds fur only $20 each!!! She was so excited about the find that she couldn’t wait until Saturday to give them to us fur my re-Birthday! (Mama gets all silly and excited like that!) 😀 It truly is going to be a pawesome new year! Wooooooooowoooooooooo!

Here is Nalle demonstrating our old beds:

photo 1

Nalle on our two flat blankets, which she liked to chew on. Bye-bye torn-up blankets! And yes, she sleeps with her tongue out.

photo 3

Nalle on my first red bed. It fit me when I was much much skinnier, but not anymore. And yes, she sleeps under Mama’s bed and on the wall a lot!

photo 2

Nalle on the medium-sized brown poofy bed we got last year. We tore a few holes in it playing tug-of-war. Bye-bye brown bed. And yes, Nalle sleeps in all sorts of weird positions with her tongue out.

Here is Brofur Apollo modeling our new big big beds:

photo 4

Dis bed is vewy comfy! Four paws up!

photo 3-2

Kangaroo joey Booo likes the new beds toowoooowoooooo!

And now to see how the new beds fit me and Nalle:

photo 1-2

Pawesome fit! I wuvwuvwuv it! I can even spread out and all of me stays on the bed!

photo 3-3

Woooooooowoooooooooo! Mama, these beds are the bestest!

photo 2-2

Thank you Mama fur the pawesomest new beds! I will keep my first red bed though. I have slept on it efurry night right next to my sleeping Mama. Besides, my new beds won’t fit here. 😀 

Puppy Mill Rescue…

Lake 22 Kuruk's 4th hike 5.20.11 005

Me not long after my rescue – still skinny but happy and FREE!

Soon will be the day

That I was given freedom

And a new birthday!




Wooooohooooowooooo Efurryone! In about a week on January 11th I will celebrate my re-birthday! No one knows my actual birthday, so Mama chose the day of my puppy mill rescue (1-11-11) as my re-birthday! The dogters said I was about two (and only 35 pounds! I’m 90 pounds now!), but Mama made that day my first re-birthday. So I will  be 4 according to Mama, but maybe really about 5. I’ll go with the younger age because I am a happy happy pup! Woooooooowooooooooo!

If you’d like to read the whole story of my rescue and healing journey, and help support animal rescue, check out my book!

A Very Important Message!


Nalle sleeping on the wall. She’s silly like that!

I need interrupt my blogging break for this very important public announcement: It’s Nalle’s Birthday! Wooooowooooooo! My beautiful sistah is now three years old! Mama says she needs to behave like a young lady now, but Nalle wants to be a babypup furrever! Happy Birthday Nalle!!!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’m the luckiest pup

To have a sister like you!


Nalle’s a toy hog


She even takes the kitties’ toys




But she sure is a pretty teddy bear!


Guest Blogger: Birthday Princess!

photo-14Hello everyone! As you may know by the pre-celebratory fireworks for me last night, today is my birthday, so I decided that I should be an extra special guest blogger again. Though technically I am twelve years old today, when I look in the mirror, I definitely don’t look a day older than two at the most! I am beautiful!!!

photo-12It was a very special morning. Mama gave me and my brothers and sistah yummy treats and I got three new mousies! Of course, Nalle being the toy hog, she had to take my new toys and play with them too. That’s alright though, because as the most beautiful great Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrananda, I understand the joy of photo-15sharing.

If any of you would like to shower yourselves with my eternal wisdom, as a birthday gift to you and to me, you can buy my book: Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat. Felines and all animals, even humans, could greatly benefit from my instruction and wisdom!

Me-Om, Me-Om, Me-Ommmmm!

Check out my Blog: Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen