Groggy me with stitches by my nose.

Hewooowoooowoooo all my wonderful blog friends! I’m sorry this is not a Haiku, but my brain is all foggy still and I am too tired to be poetic toowoowoooo. I just wanted to let you all know that the operation went well. I have a few stitches that will come out in a couple of weeks and we’ll get the biopsy results next week.

It was very traumatic to be without my Mama and my Nalle a whole day. What a nightmare! But now I am home next to my Mama, and my sistah is so happy to see me! I am really so, so groggy so I have to go to sleep now. Thank you everyone for all your well-wishes and love.

Wuvyooowooowoooooo! Ku

Bump Update…

Hi everyone, Ku’s Mama here. Kuruk is a bit upset right now because I have decided that we need to have his bump biopsied/removed. He does not like to go to the doctor, and he especially does not like to be somewhere without me, so he is not too happy at the moment.

His bump had grown since we went to the Vet a few weeks ago. The Vet said it looked like a histiocytoma, a benign flesh-colored bump that goes away in a couple of months, so we decided to watch and monitor. It had grown into what looks more like a wart, still flesh-colored, and it did not bother him the least bit. Yesterday afternoon it started to look greyish, and this morning it is part black and red.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) I will take him in for the biopsy. He has to be sedated because of his size (nearly 90 pounds) and the fact that only I can touch him and prod him without him moving and escaping. Did I mention he doesn’t like the doctor?

Besides the change in the bump, he seems healthy. No change in behavior, eating, or poops. No swollen lymph nodes (I check every day), nothing abnormal. So, hopefully it’s just a nasty wart and not some sort of malignancy.

Ku will not be able to post tomorrow morning, but will hopefully be inspired to compose his Haiku in a day or two. Please send Ku your thoughts and prayers and love!

Thank you,