A Bear Cub Den!

pizap.com14113188455251A new bear cub den

Discovered in the garden

Only bears allowed!





Wooohoooowooooooooo Efurrybuddy! As some of you already know from my Facebookie, the interwebbernetters at home is kaput! But, Me and Mama and Nalle are hijacking the Grand Paw’s office interwebbernetters fur the weekend. And to our surprise, the Grand Paw had built us our furry own bear cub den! Isn’t that pawesome of him! Thank you GrandPawBear! Wooohoooooowoooooooooooo!

photo 2-3

Me, Kuruk Babybear, protecting my bear cub den while I watch MamaBear and Nalle TeddyBear play catch with the tennis ball.

Thanks Mama Bear!

MamaBearMama Bear Musings

Wrote me a lovely review

Of my pawesome book!




Woooohooooowoooooo! Hey Efurryone, check out my latest book review over at Mama Bear Musings here. She’s not my MamaBear, but she’s another pawesome Mama Bear tooowooowooooo! Thank youwooowoooooo!

For those who haven’t heard, I wrote my book about my rescue from a puppy mill and healing journey to help raise money for animal rescue and welfare. Check out my Support Animal Rescue page for more information!

Feature Article!


Me being humble

Intro article

About my rescue story

And healing journey





Check out my article, a short introduction for my book (which is coming out soon!), Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could at Untold Animal Stories!

Bump Update…

Hi everyone, Ku’s Mama here. Kuruk is a bit upset right now because I have decided that we need to have his bump biopsied/removed. He does not like to go to the doctor, and he especially does not like to be somewhere without me, so he is not too happy at the moment.

His bump had grown since we went to the Vet a few weeks ago. The Vet said it looked like a histiocytoma, a benign flesh-colored bump that goes away in a couple of months, so we decided to watch and monitor. It had grown into what looks more like a wart, still flesh-colored, and it did not bother him the least bit. Yesterday afternoon it started to look greyish, and this morning it is part black and red.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) I will take him in for the biopsy. He has to be sedated because of his size (nearly 90 pounds) and the fact that only I can touch him and prod him without him moving and escaping. Did I mention he doesn’t like the doctor?

Besides the change in the bump, he seems healthy. No change in behavior, eating, or poops. No swollen lymph nodes (I check every day), nothing abnormal. So, hopefully it’s just a nasty wart and not some sort of malignancy.

Ku will not be able to post tomorrow morning, but will hopefully be inspired to compose his Haiku in a day or two. Please send Ku your thoughts and prayers and love!

Thank you,


Save My Cousins…

imagesIf I made the rules

I’d protect my wolf cousins

They deserve love too!


Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

To learn more: Wolf Haven International, where my adopted brother Nanook (Bear) lives!

Guest Blogger!


This is me, beautiful Nalle!

Well more like butt-in blogger! Hi, I’m Nalle. Ku’s puppy sistah. Kuruk is taking a break from his Haiku today, so I decided to butt-in and take all the attention just like I do when I want people’s attention. I can’t help it. I just get sooo excited and distracted and excited and distracted. What was I talking about? Oh, I get distracted and excited!

My name means Bear just like Kuruk, but it really means Teddy Bear, and I am a Teddy Bear cuz I like to lean and hug and cuddle and get lots of tummy rubs. Can’t get enough tummy rubs. They are so wonderful. I’ll ask any stranger on the street or in the park or at the coffee shop or anywhere to give me tummy rubs. They must think they’re wonderful too cuz they always rub my tummy and tell me I’m sweet and beautiful.

Ok, gotta go cuz I’m getting distracted by Ku who has the toy I want cuz he has it and I have to have whatever toy he has cuz I do, I just do. And I was so excited to be the butt-in blogger, I mean guest blogger, even though I don’t write poetry, but Ku needed to break after two months of daily Haiku, cuz that’s what he likes to do, and I forgot I wanted to do something, so I think I will go take my afternoon nap now.

Thank you for visiting! Wooooooooowoooooooooo! Nalle the Goofy Girl

A Bear and a Lion…

photo-1They say Mals cannot

Learn to love small animals

But love conquers all


Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love