Our Furst Camping Trip!

Me ready to lead Mama and Nalle into the redwood forest!

Hiking the trails

Sleeping in the forest deep

Camping pups we are!










I suppose I should tell efurrybuddy that I am prepping Mama and Nalle to go on a backpacking trip. Youwoowooooo heard me right! I am an outdoorsy pup. I grew up in Alaska after all, and as you can tell from some of my bloggy posts about our adventures traveling and hiking, I wuvwuvwuvwuvwuv being on the trails. So furst I tested Mama and Nalle with the tent-den by sleeping in it in the backyard fur a night. They did furry good. Then I got Mama to do research fur a camping spot in the forest with some good trails so I could see how they would do sleeping all night in the wilds and so we could simulate backpacking with lots of hiking. They did furry, furry goods tooowoowoowooooooo! Next I needs to train Mama and Nalle to do longer and longer hikes so when we are backpacking, they can keep up with me!

Here are piccies from our furst camping trip in the Redwoods in Marin County:


The Redwoods are furry tall!


Furry beauwoowoootiful sunlight through the Redwoods!


Nalle and Me practicing hiking with our backpacks. We will carry all our supplies on the real backpacking trip, so I told Nalle we has to get used to them.


We came across this snaky on one trail.


The Redwoods through out tent-den rooftop window.

Me and Nalle made sure to keep an eye out fur polar bears and any monsters in the woods:




Me looking furry cute fur Mama.


Nalle looking a little worried abouts monsters in the woods.


But all went well and we slept soundly.


There was lots of pretty Thistle on our morning hike.


Thanks fur joining us! Mama and Nalle did furry good, huh?

And fur those who may have noticed, Facebookie discovered I had a profile. Now I am a published author, poet, blogger, calendar pin-up, and movie star, and I think it’s not fair that I can’t have a Facebookie profile. WOOO! However, I do has my Haiku By Ku page and now my Kuruk Babybear page has replaced my profile, so please stop on by and like me! Thank youwooooowoooooooo!

Sweeney Ridge…

photo 1Hiking Sweeney Ridge

We hiked up and up and up

With our new backpacks



photo 5-2Wooooohooooowooooo! Mama took us hiking this morning even though it was toasty here in sunny California. Back in Washington we always could find rivers and streams and snow to quench our thirst, but not where we live now. Mostly we hike around our mountainous city with its big pawesome parks, but Mama was finally able to afford to buy us our very own backpacks so we could carry the large amount of water we fluffy snow pups need in the heat! They are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

photo 3

Me and my new blue backpack!

photo 2

Nalle look at Mama!

photo 5

I love trails!

photo 2-1

All packed up and ready to go!

photo 1-2

Nalle, pay attention!

photo 3-2

Water break at the top

photo 4-2

Nalle, look over here!


Tired, tired pups

photo 1-1

View from the trail