Beaches & Mountains


Me checking out the mossy tide pools.

Beaches and mountains

Exploring tide pools and hikes

Labyrinth surprise






Woooohooooowoooooo Efurrybuddy! We has been having furry lots more fun, of course! WOL! As you may know, I wuvwuvwuvs both the beach and the mountains, and we lives in the most pawesome place fur both. Here is piccies from both, and a surprise we found on a hike with our best buddy Bowser:


Nalle surveying the beach and rocky tide pools.


There was furry bright green moss efurrywhere.


And furry pawesome-looking rocks.



Me and best buddy Bowser on our hike. Bowser is the scout and I is the pack leader. We works furry well together as pawfessional hikers. WOL!


Nalle admiring the scenery.


Furry beauwoowoooootiful scenery on our hike.


The view of Santa Barbara from the top.


And to our surprise, we discovered a secret labyrinth at the top of our hike! Mama was furry excited about that.


Best buddy Bowser decided to do some meditation and contemplation fur a moment.


When we gots home, we was ‘xausted!!!


Mama made me add this piccie too – Me and big sisfur Zoe. She wuvwuvwuvs me. WOO!

11 thoughts on “Beaches & Mountains

  1. How fun for you to hike in all of those beautiful places Ku! I wish we could do that here, but we aren’t trained for rattlesnakes and our Momma won’t take us into the mountains or deserts of Arizona. Keep the lovely pictures and Haikus’ coming!

  2. ~~~~ waves two ewe zoe…we iz happee ta see ewe again….we mizz ewe over at blogger…..guys….yur add venturez iz AWESUM…..we troo lee like fotoz one…… N waves two ewe all sew bowser…itz verree nice ta meet ewe !! ♥♥♥

  3. What a wonderful hike you had. Love the tide pools, mountain views and the meditation labyrinth. Such an amazing day!
    Luvs to you all Ku!
    Marty and the Gang

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