My Dear Nylablue…

nylablue-beautiful-2014My Dear Nylablue

Oh how I have loved you true

Free in Summerland




Wooooooooooooooooowooooooooooooooooooooo! As some of you already know, my beauwooowoooootiful Nylablue has made the journey across the Rainbow Bridge to Summerland. She was the bestest pawesomest bravest and cuuwoooowooootsie-est kitty girfurriend a pup could ask fur! Please stop on by her bloggy here to read about her wonderful Mama Miss Sherri-Ellen and the wonderful Angels who helped her live much much longer then expected. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox to infiniteeeeeee and beyond! ❤ ❤ ❤

Some memories of me and Nylabluewoooowoooooooo…


Me and Nylablue at last year’s Halloween Ball.



Me and Nylablue in costume fur Halloween.


photo 3

Me, Nylablue’s purply-blue Ku, dreaming of my Nylabluewoowoooo!



When I sent some California Sunshine to Nylablue.


Kuruk's Rebirfday card frum Nylaue

My Re-birthday card from Nylablue.


Nylablue's card to Kuruk 2014

My Valentine’s card from Nylablue.



Me picking up Nylablue in style fur the Valentine’s Ball!



Us dancing the night away.

Now you can dance efurrynight and day with all the tuna-tuna you want! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Wooooooowooooooooooooo!

14 thoughts on “My Dear Nylablue…

  1. Dear Ku, you were Sweet Nylablue’s Hero and made her the happiest of all her friends. We hope she and Apollo are running happy and healthy OTRB in Summerland waiting for us all when it is our turn to join.
    Luvs you Ku

  2. A Roooooo Wooo OOOO me sweet purpleyblue KU!!!!!!
    Me iz in Summerland n iz iz BUNDERFULL!! Sunny n warm n NO pain n me haz me teefiez back n can run like a coo-gurr once again! Me found Apollo wif Sparkle kitteh n we iz hangin out n bizitin wif da many who crossed over diz yeer n last…
    Also Mingflower waz rite dere wif Trinket Bunneh so me new t=rite off me waz in da rite place 😉
    Me will miss ya sweetpoochieboy of me heart ❤
    Lub frum beeyond, Nylablue woooo oooooo XxXxXx

  3. A lovely and touching tribute. She must have been quite the kitty to have so many people love and adore her and her mom. May tender memories comfort your spirits as you grief the loss of this adored creature. Paw hugs from Sam and me. ❤

  4. Hello Kuruk I had to comment jsut oen more time…as you can see I changed my name back to “Nylabluesmum”; i could not live with the new name!!!
    I am sure you still miss your girl as I do…she is running free tho’; that is what is most important!
    Love you & nalle oodles, Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0x0

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