photo 1-2Our neighbor Winston

He lives down the street from us

And likes to climb trees


He comes through our kitty door

And thinks our home is his own

Winston at his house

Winston at his house

photo 3

Winston saying hi to me and Nalle on our walkie.

23 thoughts on “Winston…

  1. MOL Kuruk iz so funny when a kitteh deecidez dey iz gonna bizit sumwhere other den home!!! Me had dat happen twice when me came to bee wif Mum back in 2006. Mingflower’z boyfurend Monty thott he wuud come in like he used to do when Mingy waz dere!! Well me chased him rite out da door. Den a week later Mr Peeperz frum da end of da street ran into da house when Mum opened da door…He went under da bed n me followed n me chased him out onlee me went rite out da door wif him!! Me had onlee bin wif Mum a few weekz so she allmost had a seezure!! She hollered “Nylablue STOP!” n me did. Rite in me trackz….Mum picked me up gentlee n brott me back into da house n no kitteh boyz tried to get in again 😉
    Me doez not share well, MOL!!!!
    **paw kissez** to me sweetpoochieboyfurend ❤
    Nylablue Sweet Feet xxxxxxx

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