Nature Needs Wolves…

imagesThank you Miss Lisa

For posting ’bout my cousins

The wolves in Nature

Nature needs the wolves to live

She does nothing uselessly


Hey Efurrybuddy, check out this furrabulous short video about how pawesome and impawtant to Nature my wolfie cousins are! Wooooooooooowoooooooooooooooo!

Nature does nothing uselessly– Aristotle

17 thoughts on “Nature Needs Wolves…

  1. I absolutely love wolves. Check out my wolf artwork on naturebydawn. This video made me think of a post that 25castleson25clouds blog where she talked about how they are doing badger culling in Europe in order to prevent them from spreading certain diseases to their cattle. It made me think of how Europe killed most of their wolves and if they hadn’t done that, they might not have so much trouble with badgers.

  2. I love wolves, which may surprise you because I’m so little, but they make me even prouder of my doggy heritage! My dad always wears t-shirts with wolves on them. They’re magnificent animals.

  3. Kuruk, you will hopefully be watching my blog over next week as I will be posting about Mom and Dad’s visit to the wolves of Wolf Haven in Washington state. I even have a ‘howl in’ to post! You may want to tell your sister Nalle to plug her ears along with plugging your own…otherwise your human will need the ear plugs MOL

  4. YOW Kuruk me sweet purpley blue poochieboyfurend of me heart ❤
    All me can sayz iz AAARRRRRROOOOOWOOOOOO-OOOOOO me n Mum adorez wolfiez n Mum said to tell ya she used to sing wif wolfiez when she went on bacashun to Manitoulin Island. She wuud hear dem across da lake n she tott herself da callz n she cuud carry on wolfchat wif dem!!!! Me haz herd Mum'z wolfie tape n it iz bery kewl. Why peeple do not like wolfiex misstyfiez both of us here….
    **paw kissez** n so much ❤ Lub ❤ Nylablue xxxxx

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