I was just…umm…making sure it was comfy enough fur you Mama!

I was just…umm…making sure it was comfy enough fur you Mama!

Mama in shower

I checked out the comfy bed

Got caught in the act


Mama was very surprised

First time I laid on a bed!


Daily Prompt: Full Tanka

Wooohooowooooo Efurrybuddy! Me and Mama and Nalle are on the road! We are traveling around California to explore places we might want to live. Tonight is our first night on the road, and our hotel room had this big big king size bed! I just had to check it out, fur Mama of course! 🙂

I have never, not even once, tried to climb onto Mama’s bed. She is AlphaWolfieMamaBear, and I refuse to challenge her rank in the pack. Mama lets Nalle on the bed fur a wee bit in the evenings when Mama is reading in bed, and she had tried to get me to join her too fur a few minutes of cuddling. But, I will not get on Mama’s bed! However, since we are traveling, technically the beds are not Mama’s, and so I must check them out and make sure they are good fur my Mama! WOL!

I am reminding Mamaclickyfingerssecretary (AlphaWolfieMamaBear’s other identity) to take piccies of our adventures to I can show all of you. Stay tuned…

20 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. hahaha, my puppy just did the same and got caught, but not in the act, sly pup that one is. but i have my tricks and had a serious word with it. now it shows its best behaviour. Loved your haiku, haiku by ku

  2. Of course, sweet KuBear, you would not let Mama sleep on a bed not fit for a queen 🙂 How nice that you are all travelling and that there are pet-friendly hotels on the way. Your trip must be filled with incredible scents and views!. Looking forward to your adventures ♥

  3. Aren’t you so lucky to get on the human’s bed!!! We don’t even get to go to the second floor where all the beds are:(

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. What a fun and exciting adventure! I hope the bed checked out OK. I wonder if you’ll join Mama and your sister on the bed when you return home Keep us posted! I sleep with Mom, but I am not allowed on the bed until she tells me, “Up.”

    Love and licks,

  5. Lookin so fine on da bed me sweet purplyblu Ku ❤
    Me agreez deze are not Mama'z bedz n so ya iz doin her a faver by testin dem out….Yer da bestest poochie 😉
    Haz a grrreat road trip Kuruk n Nalle n Miss Julianne…
    Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum too x0x0x0

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