Room To Zoom…

photo 2-3

The beach where there is lots of room fur me and Nalle to leave our bear-paw prints! 😀

We like to have room

To walk, run, wrestle, and play

And most of all zoom!


Once upon a time I did not have any room. I grew up on a four-foot chain in a puppy mill in Alaska. Please help me help other animals be free to zoom, by purchasing my book here: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could, One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing. 50% of proceeds are donated to animal rescue and welfare! Thank youwooowoooooooooo!

Now here are some piccies of my recent roomy adventures:

photo 5

Me and Nalle wuvwuvwuv the spacious beach, but be careful, the water will chase you if you get too close!

photo 4

On a cool day the sand feels a lot like snow!

photo 1-2

Nalle is ready to go chase some seaweed and hunt fur sand crabs.

photo 1-3

The doggie parks have lots of room fur play!

photo 2-4

And fur a race!

photo 3-3

Looks like Nalle is winning!

photo 5-3

Zoom, zoom, zoom…

photo 4-2

I’m showing our neighbor Bella around the doggie park like a gentleman. It was her first time here.

photo 2

On the streets there is lots of room fur long long walks and hikes. Here we are all walking home from the doggie park.

photo 3-2

Me taking up some of Bella’s room – I was protecting her on the street like a gentleman.


24 thoughts on “Room To Zoom…

  1. Room to zoomie zoom
    Sand tween da toesiez n wind
    New furendz are grreat.
    Me finkz Bella just mite steal yer heart Me sweet blue Ku….yer such a gentlepoochie!!!
    Nalle shure looked like she waz habin so much fun runnin around!
    Lub lub lub ya ❤ Nylablue ❤

  2. Me nose ya iz a gentlepoochie n me wuud nott bee upset if ya had a ladypoochie furend cause ya iz a poochie n if ya needz sum sweet poochie gurl by yer side me wuud understand….
    Me heart fer ya iz true n blue fer ya…..
    Lub alwayz n fureber yer ❤ Nylablue ❤

  3. Oh you gentle giant Ku! You are making all the hearts of the girls here go pitter patter you are soooo sweet!
    Luv you Ku!
    Marty and the Gang

  4. Gentleman Ku and his charming ways …such a sweetheart Ku and Nalle is a great zoomer 🙂 glad the wave monster did not get you both 🙂 hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx

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