Haiku Jam with Buffy, the Poetic Kitty!

buffy portrait web

Miss Buffy

Wooooohooooowoooooooo Efurrybuddy! I have been a busy poetic pup in my semi-retirement! WOL! Today I present to you a Haiku Jam with the Beauwoowooootiful poetic kitty Buffy, Miss Firebonnet’s kitty. Go visit them here, and see all the pawesome photography and the rest of the furry family!

Thank youowooowooooo Buffy for the funfunfun! Here is our Haiku Jam. We chose a Springtime theme. Mine are in purple, and Buffy’s are in pink:

Springtime weather’s here

Did it ever go away?

The snow never came

Snow or no snow

Few birds to watch in winter

Spring is for feathers

Down feathers of babes

Drift about in the warm breeze

Flowers blossoming

Springtime is sneeze time

With tall grasses to hide in

The rain comes at night

Rain, rain, go away

Don’t like my fur to get wet

Sun and cool is best

Cool is nice for Ku

I am a creature of heat

Basking in light divine

On hot sunny days

I dig holes to stay cool in

And play with ice cubes

Hot days turn to night

Prowling through the neighborhood

Scents and sounds heighten

Hot nights snow pups sleep

Mama and furblings nearby

Dream of winter nights

I dream in Mom’s arms

Silly cattledog is near

Maybe he needs love

Kisses and cuddles

Ear scritches and tummy rubs

Love grows in the Spring

Ku you fill my heart

Your fur could serve as my nest

But too hot for spring!

41 thoughts on “Haiku Jam with Buffy, the Poetic Kitty!

  1. Thank you Kuruk for a really fun time! I was getting a little tired of writing my haiku every week, but you inspired me! Now I can’t wait to do more. xxoxoxox ~Buffy

  2. Miss Buffy kitteh n Kuruk such pbeeuteefull Haikuz’ of Spring!!!
    We furinallee gott Spring diz week….me bin out 3 dayz in condo!!!
    So here iz me Haiku:
    “It haz to bee Spring
    Da Sun bizitz me dailee
    Me in me Condo….”
    Much lub yer Nylablue yoooo oooooo oooooo ❤ ❤ ❤

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