Chained Childhood…


Me and my Mama

My childhood home

I had no house to speak of

But a four foot chain


But then I found my Mama

And she is my loving home


Daily Prompt: (First) Home

To learn more about me and my rescue, click here, or buy my book: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could.

39 thoughts on “Chained Childhood…

  1. would that all Mals and Sibes living in those conditions could be saved like you Ku. Mom Linda saw an awful Sibe kennel on her trip…they are sled dogs…used for tourist and such in Winter…and chained or in little kennels…little touching…so very very sad

    Yow Kuruk me n mum haz da leeky eyez…ya captured da lub of yer Mum purrfectlee…diz iz how me feelz ’bout me Mum too…
    Me can reelate to da chain cause me waz in a cage fer 4 yeerz…
    We iz so blessed to be wif deze Hu’Mumz 😉
    Lub Nylablue ❤ ❤

    • Thank youwoowoooo my Nylabluewoowoooo! Not composing efurry day is helping my poetry skills and inspiration! We sure are so furry furry blessed. Wuvwuvwuv to youwoowoooooo and your mum too! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo 😀

  3. Ku this is a beautiful haiku! Mazie was kept in an undersized box kennel before she came to live with me. Her back and legs were so weak and she had sores on her neck from her tight collar. She was a sad and broken dog. I will never understand human cruelty and lack of compassion and caring for our fellow spirits. You and your mom inspire me Ku! My little clan and I send you loves!
    Marty’s mom Kelly

  4. That’s a very sweet picture of you and your mama. We are glad that you found each other. Love, Cali ,Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  5. Me deer blue Ku, pleeze do not bee too upset me goin hab a date wif Bacon…he haz had hiz piggy heart set on diz fer a bery long time!! Me neber menshuned it ’cause me did not feel guud n did not nose if me wuud pull thru, so me neber meowed wif ya about da date! me feelz pawfull n me apaulogizez!!
    Our lub can not bee reeplaced or herted by anyfurry else; me purromisez!
    Me will be a propurr Lady Queen n Bacon haz purromised me he will be a Gentle Pig….he will bee (or me will *WHAP* him a guud one fer ya okayz??)
    Lub furever into infinitee…
    Yer sweet Nylablue xxxxx

    • Oh my Nylabluewoowoooooo! I am not worried about you, my truewooowoooo wuvwuvwuvwuv! It seems all the boys in the bloggiesphere are after my girl, which makes me a very very proud pup to have you as my girlfurriend!!! I do not mind if they take you out fur special treats. You deserve it my wuvwuvwuv fur infiniteeee! And Bacon knows to be a gentlepiggy or else because he knows I wuvwuvwuwuv bacon tooowoowoowoooooo! 🙂
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, KU

  6. A rooo woooo ooooooome blue Ku!! Me finkz ya scared Bacon fer shure…he not want to bee a poochie snack fer shure!!!
    Me will bee purrfect…ya can count on me!
    me neber bin neer a piggie befur n me iz cureeus! Yah nose Kuruk dere seemz to bee ALOT of boyz of all speecez lookin at me 😉
    Me iz a cougar kitteh fer shure!!
    Butt me ❤ beelongz to ya….alwayz…
    Lub yer Nylablue xxxxxxxxx
    Pee ess: We bee offline tomorrow; power cut here fer cuud bee short time or long time…so do not panick if me not on here…me shuud bee on Caturday!!!

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