Working Fur Free…

HandsomeKuWe’ve worked very hard

To promote my pawesome book

To help animals


But sales are barely there

And we are getting poorer





Daily Prompt: Money For Nothing

Hi Efurrybuddy, Me and Mama have been having serious discussions. You see, we are overly giving souls, and have spent hundreds of hours blogging, emailing, going places, and talking to people to market and promote my book to raise awareness and money to donate to animal rescue. We thank those who have bought my book and who have tweeted, re-blogged, etc.!!! 

However, sales are so so so so slow (only 7 so far in the last 3 months – and we did print-on-demand self-publishing so royalties are $2 or less per book) that we are considering shutting down. Though we need the money, we have committed to donating 50% of sales. We made our first donation before even covering costs, which we have now just barely done. I told Mama that if this is not going anywhere then we could stop so she could spend more time looking for income and building her spiritual counseling practice (Astrology and Tarot/Oracle Readings – she is furry furry good!), which she juggles around caring fur the Grandma who has Alzheimer’s and doing all the housekeeping fur the Grand Paw.

Sorry fur the sad-ish post, but we are feeling furry discouraged lately and need to re-assess efurrything so that we do not go hungry (this is not an exaggeration either).

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