33 thoughts on “Old and Wise…

  1. Nylablue *swoonz away* ……
    Hi Kuruk Sherri-Ellen here…while Nylablue is swooning over your fabulous photo of you with cap & glasses I wanted to ask you if you would be Nylablue’s date to Madi’s Valentine’s Ball??
    She REALLY wants to go with you…
    Excuse me while I go recusitate her…………………………………………………………………
    Yow me sweet n furry n blue Ku
    How are you??
    Iz Nylablue …sowwy me swooned…dat photo iz gorgeeuss…
    Umm meow *ahem* umm may me ask ya if ya wuud like to go to da Valentine’z Ball wif me??? Me wuud bee so happy if ya wuud go wif me…*blushy earz*
    Lub, yer Nylablue xxxxx

    • **blushing with fluffy ears alert** Of course my Nylabluewoowooooo! I was going to ask you tooowoowooooo! Well, I already told Easy I was going to take you, so maybe the word leaked out. Mama wants to know if you would like her to put our Ball outfits together and if you want her to make a special dress fur you. What color dress do you want to wear? I will match my Nylabluewooowooooooooo! Wuvwuvwuv, your Ku xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Yow me sweet blue n lubly Ku!!! Me nott nose ya waz goin to ask me…diz iz Kissmet me finkz…..me iz a-flutter frum yer acceptin me date!! Me iz so happy, so happy!!!
    A speshell dress fer me?? Yer Mum iz pawsum…yez pleeze Miss Julianne if ya cuud make me a dress….as fer da colour me not shure how we can match…cuud me choose a dark purple wif sum silver trim?? Not a bery dark purple…dat way Ku ya can wear da dark color…or sumfing in a deep navy blue wif sum silver trim n sum bling if pawssible ;)…
    Diz izi bery eggcitin!!

  3. EEowww Miss Julianne…where can Mum look fer gownz fer me to help ya??
    Me wantz sumfing ellygant n wif silver cause me lookz guud in silver fer shure!
    Kuruk n Nylablue haz a lubly ring to it 🙂
    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowooooooooooooooooooooooooo me Ku!!!
    Lub Nylablue xx

    • Hi Nylablue, and Mum Sherri-Ellen too! I have not yet started looking for your gown. I’m thinking I will look at some pics of Oscar and Grammy gowns, or maybe some wedding and brides made dresses on line for some inspiration. If you two would like to look too that would be great. I plan on starting on it this afternoon!

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