Guest Blogger: Sisfur Nalle!

photo-1Wooowooooo efurryone, this is Nalle, Ku’s little sisfur, and Ku wants a break today because it’s nice and freezing and he wants to enjoy the cold, and he said I could butt-in guest bloggy for him so I am going to try to write a haiku, but I do get very distracted and I am so excited and the puppy walking down the street is distracting me and Mama says for the hundredth only the second time that I need to pay attention and write my haiku! Here it is! Woooooowooooooo!


Tummy rubs are the grandest most vital thing in the world!

I’ve learned something grand

To ask all for tummy rubs

Just roll on my back




Daily Prompt: Learning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

22 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Sisfur Nalle!

  1. Liking belly rubs says a lot about your sweet personality, Nalle. You must be a nice girl! Pierre never turns over for belly rubs…he’s just so dominant! You must be very easy to get along with. 🙂 Your brofur (and humans!) are so lucky!

  2. Apawz Apawz Nalle ya did PAWSUm fer yer fesrt Haiku!!! Brofur Kuruk iz gonna bee so proud when he readz whatcha wroted!!! 2 pawz up fer Nalle sweet girl!!
    Lub Nylalbue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxo

    • Oh thank you Nylablue! I tried, I did, I did! Ku gave me a big kiss on my cheek! I think he is proud I was able to keep my attention long enough to write 17 syllables! xoxoxo to you Nylablue, oh and your mum tooowoooowooooooo! Nalle

      • Yow Nalle we all haz an inner Haiku tryin to get out me finkz…me neber did Haiku til me met yer Brofur on here…now me can do it…maybee we 4 leggedz haz a naturalle abillity?? Kuruk iz mightee proud of ya kissin ya like dat!!!
        Me getz Mum to do da countin fer da sillablillez….not easy fer me butt Mum can count so she helpz alot..
        We sendz purrz n strokez n kissez to ya frum us here!!!
        As Ku wuud say Wooooooo ooooooo!!! 🙂

        • Oh Nylablue, Mama had to count for me toowoowooooo, but she said I did it just right! I know you not feel so good lately so I send you lots of kissies and licks (I’m not supposed to lick, but I do, I just do). Oh, if Mama finds something blue for me I could be Nalleblue! Then we could be blue sisters! Wooooooowooooooooo! xlickxlickxlickxlick, Nalle

          • It iz guud Nalle we haz Hu’Mumz to count fer getz a bit muddled after 4…dat iz all me nose…..
            Ya can lickz all ya like…*kissez* make da werled a much bettur place….haz Kuruk bin lettin ya lick dem soft furry earz more?? Me asked him to let ya ’cause ya lubz himm so much n doze earz are AMAZIN 🙂
            Yow dat wuud bee so kewl…ya bein Nalleblue n me bein Nylablue…..sisfurz fer shure!!!
            ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue (lick lick)

  3. Aww, we all love tummy rubs too, AND we also LOVE the cold. Now if only we could get some snow to go along with it.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

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