Tattooed Memories…


Me thinking about my puppyhood memories

I have no tattoos

Just permanent memories

Of puppy mill life





Daily Prompt: Permanent


Dear furriends, please do not worry. I am very happy and do not dwell on the past. I do write about my puppy mill experience because my goal is to raise awareness about animal welfare. Also sometimes the daily prompts prompt me to compose a haiku about sad memories, so please do not be concerned for me. Be concerned for all the animals out there who need love. If you’d like to help me help others, you can purchase my book: Kuruk the Little Bear That Could: One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing. The proceeds go to help animal rescue and welfare!

Happy happy December! Woooooowoooooooo!

26 thoughts on “Tattooed Memories…

      • Yow Ku me not nose
        It happined so long ago
        Me puppy mill KAT!
        Wooo ooo me blue Ku…
        Lub ya Nylablue
        (Hi Kuruk S-E. here.When I rescued Nylablue she was tattooed inside right ear….it sayz MW45 & another letter I can not read…the lady who had NB b4 me had intials MW..she would not let me change registration to my name…so I have always been careful to not let NB get loose or else she would go back to the Puppy Mill instead of me!!!! NO WAY!!!)

          • I know Kuruk I know…when Dr. Dave & I traced the tattoo & called the Vet in Sauble Falls he told Dr. Dave Nylablue would technically ‘belong’ to Michelle W. forever!!! Dr. Dave & I were stunned & angry!!!!!! There is no way to remove the tattoo so she is tagged for life. That is why I came up with the Condo idea. I knew she wanted to be outside so that was a good way to let her be out but keep her safe!!
            You’re right Kuruk, Nylablue is a fluffy bundle of ‘WUV’ & not someone’s possession & I can tell you Michelle W. will never get her greedy hands on Nylablue again!!
            Love Sherri-Ellen xo

  1. Happy December to you too Ku! I am so happy that you’re safe in a loving home now, and raising your voice to bring awareness and hope to all the other poor sweet souls still suffering as you once were. May you sell a thousand books dear friend! 🙂

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