Puppy Playtime…


Me and Nalle playing in our room

Me and Nalle play

In all sorts of diff’rent ways

Puppies just have fun



Daily Prompt: Playtime



We play tug-o-war



We wrestle-wrestle



We love to explore the trails


photo 2-3

And play at the beach


photo 5-2

Chewing bones and rawhide is lots of fun


photo 3-3

And playing with stuffies

24 thoughts on “Puppy Playtime…

  1. It’s nice that you and your sister play together so well. You are good doggies. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  2. Yow ya n Nalle must have so much fun playin n bein together!!! Me iz so saulitaree dat me not play wif otherz..me just likez Mum….she likez to play toyz so dat iz guud 😉
    yer pix are fab too!!
    Sowwy we bin missin again…Mum bin sick all week n me had to nurse her!!! She spent 3 dayz in bed sleepin alot….me finkz she iz almost all bettur! Hurrah!! Den me can bizit wif ya me Blue Ku!
    Lub Nylablue wooo ooooooooooo

      • Eeeowww Ku how cuud me not nurse me Mum?? She haz bin so guud to me all dese eyarz so when she getz sick me iz ready to help her any way me can.
        She waz apposta to go out today butt so far she bin here wif me n me finkz me gonna tell her to stay home tonite so we can watch Britshowz together..it iz BERY cold outside n dat will stir up da As-maa….
        me givin her nose kissez frum ya n she sayz Phankz Blue Ku!!!
        Much Lub Nylablue xxxx

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