Fit Pups…

photo 3-1

Nalle, are you ready?…

Running and wrestling

Keeps us pups so strong and fit

And gets us filthy 😛




Check out other fit pups at Slim Doggy’s Fit Dog Friday!

photo 4-1


photo 2-1

Getting ready for the pull-legs-out-from-under move!

photo 1-2

Haha, got you now Nalle!

photo 2-2

Catch me if you can! Woooooowoooooooo!

20 thoughts on “Fit Pups…

  1. Yow it iz so guud to see ya n Nalle runnin ’bout n havin fun!!! Me waz stuck in nursin sick old Mum who had nastee Flu….me waz out in Condo fer 10 minutz Fursday butt it waz so chilly so we had to come in…now dere iz snow…me stayz in pahnk ya bery much….wish we cuud put a heatur outside, MOL!!
    One Lub frum Nylablue n Mum too wooo oooooooooooo…

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