My Heart and Soul…


Me glowing with joy

It’s food for my soul

That warms me deep in my heart

The love of my friends





Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul


mouses-award-frum-cat-on-me-headThank youwooowooooo all my bloggy furriends! You feed my soul with joy! Extra special thanks for my kitty girlfurriend Nylabluewooowoooo for giving me another award: The Mouses Award! I will have to consult with brofur Apollo, the mousie catcher about whom I should pass it on too!



My Beauwooowooootiful Nylabluewooowoooooo!

And more thank youwooowooooooos to my Nylabluewooowooooo for writing about my pawesome book: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could: One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing. Check out what Nylablue and her Ellyphant Eesha Chinmayi thought about my book here!

p.s. Please also send loving thoughts, prayers, and food for her soul to my Nylabluewooowoooo. She has pancreatitis and has to take lots of medicine and shots. But she has gained some weight and is eating her tuna-tuna! xoxoxoxo, Ku

22 thoughts on “My Heart and Soul…

  1. Yow me Blue Ku woooo oooo…Nylablue here…me n Mum wantz to PHANK yer Mum fer doin da piccie of me n da linky fing to our bloggie ’bout yer book. Mum iz a teckno idiot n she cuud not figure diz out… 😉
    Me iz now NOT alloud tuna-tuna anymore cause it iz makin me have rumbly tumbly…butt me iz havin lotz of Chickin which iz guud too. Me hangin in fer now but not makin purrogress….so we iz in a stale mate Mum sayz…
    Lub ya me sweet Ku frum yer Nylablue ❤

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