A Pup’s Habits…


Sisfur Nalle and Me take Mama for walks around the city

It’s Silent Sunday

Pictures speak a thousand words

These are my habits





Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


I like to go to the doggy park

photo 2-1

And take Mama on hikes


We wait for Mama when she goes to the coffeshop to get us treats!


Sometimes We visit the treat dispensers at the doggie park toowooowooo!


I play with my sisfur


And work on my bloggy


And take lots of naps

photo 1

Got my new Facebook page too!

photo 2

And I write! Wooooooowooooooooo!

34 thoughts on “A Pup’s Habits…

  1. Ya iz one buzy Pup dere Kuruk…how do ya do it all?? Me n Mum can bearlee do da bloggie here n keep up wif all our furnedz here.
    Doez pix are lubly; ya n Nalle look so cute together…
    Say dat iz Apollo izn’t it?? Dinnermintz LUB?? She even waitz by da phone fer him to meow to her thru it sumhow….now DAT iz bery cute!
    Much Lub frum me to ya =^..^=

    • Yes that is handsome blue eyes Apollo. You can see him in one of his guest bloggies: https://haikubyku.com/2013/07/14/guest-blogger-apollo-the-little-lion-man/
      He and Dinnermintz know how to astral travel to each other and I think he just figured out how to go through the phone lines tooowoowoooo! That’s how madly in love they are!
      Mama gets lots and lots of quickie finger clicking through the bloggies while I am napping. Otherwise I would not have enough time to do all that I do. I am a working breed though, my Nyalbluewooowoooo! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Ku

      • Yow Kuruk n Miss Julianne me hat (if me had one) wuud go off to ya both for bein able to do quickie finger clickin! Mum insistz on typin in da dark so me told her to jsut tern a lite on. Now she can see what she iz doin while me dicktatez reepliez to her.
        As for Apollo we went over n read da interview n left a commint…we did not nose what breedz he waz n we iz liek MEOW WOW!!! Mum wantz to nose how did ya find Apollo?? She never seen a Siamese/Forest Kat befur!
        Well me must go rest. Note feelin so grrrreat tonite.
        Much Lub to me Blue Ku wooo oooo
        Yer Nylablue xxx

        • Hi Nylablue, Mama here. I adopted Apollo when he was 12 weeks old. He and his siblings were in rescue. Their kitty mama disappeared and they were found under a house, I think. They were all very sick too with lung and respiratory illnesses likely because they had not had milk for a while. Apollo still (he’s 7) has some sinus problems (mostly just sneezing out big boogers! Yuck!), but he is healthy.
          I concluded the Forest Cat half myself. Half his siblings had Siamese color, the other half not. Apollo loves water, rain, and stays very warm in the snow for hours. Those are traits of only 3 breeds of cats: Angora, Maine Coon, and Norwegian FC. He’s too small for Maine Coon, and he loves to climb huge tall trees, so that only left NFC. Oh, and he has the distinctive NFC lion’s mane.

          • 😉 Now dat sounds right about Apollo bein Forest Kitteh wif Meezer…we Meezerz do not like snow or water much ‘cept fer drinkin!! Poo Apollo n hiz siblin’s bein all alone..dat must have bin pawfull fer dem. Me iz so glad ya reskued him n gave him a furry guud life!! He iz ahandsum mankat! Now we nose why he callz himself a LION..it all makez sense now…no wunder Dinnermintz is head over pawz fer him…
            Lub Nylablue n Mum xx

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