photo 2

Me checking my new Facebook page. Whewwoooo, gotta check regularly! Will you be my friend? ***cutest puppy head tilt ever!***

Piece of cake, I thought

Simpler than a blog, but wow

Facebook is intense





Daily Prompt: Intense

28 thoughts on “Intensity…

  1. Every media has a life of its own it seems. Just be careful on fb as dogs are not allowed to have personal pages, just your human can set up a business page for you. I know a lot of dogs that have had their personal pages shut down. Take it for what it is worth, but fb does crack down on it sometimes. I have a business page because it is a lot of time and effort to build a fan base and I don’t want to risk losing it. Just a friendly reminder in case you don’t know about those rules, don’t want to be a spoiler 🙂

  2. My mommy is completely inept when it comes to managing my Facebook page. She posts our Instagram pictures to Facebook and she can manage to reply to comments, but that’s the extent of her talents. So please know that we like you–we really, really like you–but we have no idea how to show you that on Facebook. 😉

    • Mama here…so which of the many business/fan type FB pages is a like page? There are so many options. Ku wants the kind where he can also have friends, but I don’t want to just go and set up another, and then another to find the right one. Are you experienced with FB?

  3. Me finkz all of diz iz inntense…so much to do..writin, readin n finkin of fingz to bloggie bout…me letz Mum have da FB page n me commintz once in a while…(it iz eeazier fer her dat way…)
    Lub Nylablue xxxxxx

    • Oh Nylabluewooowooo, so nice to hear from youwoooowooo! It’s all so crazy. Now I have a FB page and a profile. Me and Mama still have to figure out how to manage it all, but we are starting to get the hang of it. Can’t keep up with all the “friends” FB posts, but we will when we can. xx, Ku

      • Yow me Blue Ku….me not ferget ya…Mum n me had dat lubly ‘bed day’ yesturday n we did not get on puter til dark time. We popz on to FB butt only to seez who iz doin what n post updatez on us…we nose all da peeple on FB so it iz da best place fer leavin updatez. Me purrferz bein here wif eberyone…we haz to catch up on bloggiez…we went thru yer postz last nite here…butt we haz over 30 bloggiez here n 5-6 on other sitez…we neber get cot up….;)
        Lub ya sweet furry cutie wooo oooo Ku frum Nylablue xxxxx

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