I Found My Brofur!


My Brofur Loki! He’s handsome toowooowooooooo!

Blood brother Loki

Together Alaskan born

Now rediscovered





Wooohooowooooo! I’m so excited! I finally convinced Mama that I should have my own Facebook page. She thought four blogs, Facebook, and Twitter were enough secretary work, but I kept begging asking nicely, and she caved said Yes! You can visit my new Facebook page here. It was through the magical world of Facebook and all the pawesome snow pup people and pages that I found my littermate brother from the puppy mill in Alaska!!! His daddy said he is doing very well and is a happy happy pup, just like me! Wooooooohooooooowooooooooooo!

If you haven’t seen on it my About Page already, you can view the video about our journey from Alaska to Seattle here!

36 thoughts on “I Found My Brofur!

  1. Ku he is such a handsome fella! My mum is swooning over his photo! Dashing good looks obviously runs in the family! How wonderful to have got back in touch and know he’s happy too! =^.^=

  2. Loki is a very handsome boy. It is so awesome that you found your brofur and he iz livin with a nice fambly. Itz another happy ending to a doggie being born in a nasty puppy mill. We hopez that you and Loki can get together someday. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  3. Yow Ku me sweet Blue….yer brofur Loki iz so hansum just like YA!!!! We iz so so so so happy ya found yer Brofur!!! Da power of da Paw n Internet iz pawsum indeed!!
    Me n Mum started readin yer book n it iz bery guud…..butt we want to read it all b4 we commint….Lub lub lub ya frum Nylalbue oh n Mum too…

      • Eeowww wooooo me Blue Ku…..me found a Sisfur back in 2006 n she lived on da other side of town frum me! Her name waz Misha n she waz so purrty….she was older den me n lived to be 15 butt da kidneyz shut down….her Hu’manz still are greevin fer her n won’t get another kitteh…. Me iz restin alot…bein guud….eatin…it waz a really nice weekend deespite da stoopid rain n cold!!
        Wooooo ooooo to me Ku frum Nylablue xxxxxx

        • Oh my purrrtiest Nylabluewooowoooooo! I would keep you nice and warm; I have a double layer coat, and my undercoat is like wool! Pretend you are cuddling up with me and you will feel nice and toasty! Woooowooooos and Wuv toooyooooowooowoooo!

          • Snow pups can stay warm down to minus 60° or 70°! We would sure keep you as warm and toasty as you like! Nose kissies and fluff to keep you warm my Nylabluewoooowooooooo! xoxoxoxox Ku who is sleepy and is going to bed now. Nighty night.

          • Wooooo ooooo me sweet Ku..we had a guud sleepin here n me iz ready fer a new day…bin eatin brekkie n tuna-tuna…
            Mum showed me pix of her Bogart sam who had fur sorta like yerz n she said he cuud leep out in da cold snow butt she lubbed him too much to have him outside 😉
            He wuud sleep in bed wif her n hubby!!!
            Mum iz a softie!!!
            Lub to ya frum us here =^..^=

    • Woohoooo indeed! Yes, Loki, the troublemaker. He was called the howler monkey when we were in the kennel until we found homes. Did you watch the video? You can see him protesting and howling! Wooooooooowooooooooo!

          • great video! love ‘listen’ song. listen to my heart song, goes perfect with the video. i take it the rescue org. is out of washington. it said 157 dogs were saved, are they still needing homes. the video was posted in 2011, do u know if all the dogs got homes or still looking? ku is so lucky to have found you!

          • Mama here. I love the music too! It used to make me cry when I first adopted Ku. Yes, they were rescued in January 2011, flew to Seattle that April, and I brought home Ku in June 2011. We think they were all rescued and kind of quickly because the story was in the national news. There was another similar situation in Montana a year later, and they were stuck in litigation for a long long time, so some of those pups may still need homes. If you contact WAMAL in Seattle at http://www.wamal.com they may know more since they were helping with both. Also check out their available pups for adoption. There’s always a lot. Thank you for caring so much!

          • i think that is so cool to make long distance rescues like that. all that must go into a process of that size and distance. i will look more into WAMAL,looks like a pawsome group of people! the’ alaska 4′ sounds like something from a movie. 🙂

  4. That is so cool, Ku! Such good things can happen from Facebook sometimes, even though it’s a lot of work to keep up with it all. I am going to check out your page now!

  5. I am so excited that you found Loki, and I see that good looks run in the family. 🙂 My mommy is horrible at Facebook (how hard cane it be?; children and grandmothers use it), but we will definitely check out your page!

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