27 thoughts on “Falling Leaves…

    • Oh Nylabluewoooowooooo! That is a fabulous haikuuuuwoooowoooooo!
      xoxoxoxoxoxox, your Blue Ku
      p.s. Are you going to Misaki’s Halloween pawty? Mama dressed me as the Purple monster. Purple is blue and pink mixed together! 😉 You could go as the Bluwoooowooooo monster!

      • WWWWOOOOO KU me herd thru da grapevine ya iz apposta bee askin me to da Pawty?? Me did not wanna bee pushy…..Ya iz a purple monster?? Dat iz so kewl….
        Lub you wooooo Nylablue xo

          • AAHH WWWOOOOOO yes Kuruk we CAN go da Ball…. 😉
            Sumone iz apposta bee doin our pickture butt me can not bemember who?? Doez yer Mum nose?? (Me Mum iz havin a dumm momint!!)
            Lub Nylablue…….

          • WWOOOO Ku….Mum just posted on Mollie n Alfie’z askin fer help!!! Mum doez use Pizap butt she iz a bit off frum da fall n so we iz gonna email Mollie n Alfie’z Mum wif sum pix n see what she comez up wif…haz ya sent any of yer pix to dem?? We will see what happinz… Mumz are a pawfull me can tell ya!!!
            Lub Nylablue xo

          • Yes, my Nylabluewooowoooooo, Mama can be a pawful! WOL! Mama sent in pics for all four of us to Misaki, and Misaki even found dates fur Nalle (with a guinea pig!!!) and fur Zoe with a handsome man cat named Coco! Of course Apollo is going with his divine goddess Dinnermintz. 😛
            We all hope your mum feels much better from her fall soon! We send lots of love and light and nose kissies tooowoooowoooooo! xoxoxoxo, Ku

          • *scratchin me head* Me finkz Mum just emailed Mollie n Alfie’s Mum not Misaki’z Mum wif me pix..Mum gonna email ya purrsonally here Miss Julianne,,,she needz to ask a questshun…Nalle wif a G-Piggie?? Too cute…n we haz herd bout diz Coco….butt he not tern me head cause me goin wif hansum poochie KU!!! 😉
            Lub Nylablue xo

      • Oh Ku what a lovely boy to escort both species on a date..you truly show the meaning of we are all the same..plus it’s pretty lucky for these two ladies to have such a gentleman by their sides 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

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