Guest Post: Brother Apollo (Romeo)


Me handsum Bwooo Eyes longing for my sweet Dinnermintz

Hewwoo Evfurrybuddy! Dis iz Apowwo, Koowoook’s widdow owda bwuder and Dinnermintz widdow wion man Womeo! Kooowoook iz kind to wet me guest bwoggy today becuz I miss my boootifuw Dinnermintz. Me and Dinnermintz aw madwee in wuv. Shee wivs all da way awound da worwold, but we do not wet da wong distance get in da way of the deep wuv we hav furr each oder. I wote a wuv haiku for my pwuxourius Dinnermintz:




My bootifuw and pwuxurious Dinnermintz. Isn’t she Divine?


My Divine Boooty

You shine wikes da stars above

And burn in my heawt







I Astwal Twavel to my Dinnermintz in my dweems!



I bow down to yooos divine booty my Cweocatarar Dinnermintz


I twy to see and woo my Juwiet-Dinnermintz troo da compooterwebbanetz


25 thoughts on “Guest Post: Brother Apollo (Romeo)

  1. Apollo you really know how to woo a gal long-distance! And you picked a real beauty in the pluxurious DInnermintz…..she’s one gorgeous gal I agree. You lucky duck (er….I mean cat). Those eyes – those blue eyes and blue collar – that probably puts her on Cloud Nine!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Oh Apollo….I haz been nursing my ma but what a beautiful Haiku from you to mez…
    You have my heart sweet
    It iz yourz to lie wiff now
    Behold we iz one
    My wion man and dweam womeo I now fink of you and sendz my wuv your girl Dinnermintz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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