Submit Your Bad Poetry!

Bad Poetry DayThe contest is here

Submit your bad poetry

I hope you’re the worst!



For all those who wish to pawticipate in the Bad Poetry Day Contest, you have all weekend, from Friday 12:01 am to midnight Sunday to add your blog link to your pawesomely bad poetry. Here are links to the Contest Guidelines over at Oz’ place and Poetry Style Information:

Contest Guidelines and Prizes!

Poetry Style Information

Add your poem to Linky Tools Here!

Also, head over to Oz’ BlogΒ to “Like” some of the bad poems so we can track the Fan Favorite!

Good luck and have lots of fun! Wooooooowooooooooo!

14 thoughts on “Submit Your Bad Poetry!

  1. Okay, for a start, I am so glad I randomly happened across this contest because I cannot think of a better idea for a contest ever. Secondly, I am astounded at the amount of links in the dog-blogging (dlogging?) chain that led me here (Reading with Rhythm, to Misaki to Oz to you!) – who would have thought there could be so many insightful and cute-as-a-button dloggers out there?
    Thirdly, I dabble in a bit of haiku myself, so I am most pleased to find a haiku-dlogger! I shall follow your work with great interest πŸ™‚

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