29 thoughts on “No Vet Visits!

  1. Poor Ku……I’m sure you were quite pooped after that nerve-racking experience having a biopsy in June….I hope everything turned out alright? I haven’t known you that long to know the answer to that but I HAVE known you long enough to care!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Ku..it’s me Doc..i don’t like the vet..even if she is famous in the bloggie world..Dr Rayya…you knowz I lovez to not lovez you!! I usually leavez a gift for the vet BOL BOL…I think they likez it when I do ..have a great day Ku..doggie high paws Doc xx

  3. I think all vets should have kitties running around and treat jars on every counter (it keeps my mind off what I’m there for). And, generally, I’m OK with the vet…well, until they try to stick that thing up my bum. They don’t even try anymore. 🙂

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