Guest Blogger: Brother Apollo!


Me, handsum bwooo eyes!

Hewwoooo evwybuddy. Dis is Kooowoook’s widdow owder bwuder Apowwo again. I’m not going to tawk about dis or dat. But I am vewy happy to announce dat I hav a girwowfurrwend! Her name is Dinnerminz and she is vewy pwitty! Ku an Mama saw her dating pwofile Lookinz Fur Love, and dey tot we wood be a good match! We do have evwyting in common.


My boootifowl and sweet Dinnerminz!

I hav had many hooman girwowfwends. Dey all swoon over my handsum bwoo eyes! But boootiful Dinnerminz is my first kitty girwowfurrwend! I am so happy! Meow, meow! We bowf enjoy sunbading and watching birdies. How cooowow is dat! Evendoo dis is a wong distins wewashunship I tink we can make it work. Dinnerminz is an independent  girwow and I am a Mama’s boy so it shoowd work vewy well. Meow, meow!


12 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Brother Apollo!

  1. Oh Apollo you are so bery sweetz and talking bout our relationshipz..I fink we are a bery good match we both gentle too…I workin on a bloggie bout us..i see you soonz and we can cuddlez in da your placez maybe we gotz rain here…Purrs and wubs Dinnermintz xxxx

  2. Ku, you’ve got to be careful letting cats on your blog. They’ll try to take it over. I know. I live with a cat and sometimes when I’m not looking he steals my blog.

  3. Oh I’m so happy that Dinnermintz has found a romantic interest – she so deserves it too! I would have volunteered my ginger self BUT I am – alas – spoken for with my lovely calico girlfriend Sundae. Sigh. Apollo I do hope you and Dinnermintz will be very happy…….you’re a lucky guy!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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