A Rescue Poem From A to Z


Working on my poetry on my first and favorite red bed

Straying from Haiku

A rhyming poem instead

I hope you enjoy!





Daily Prompt: A to Z:


Alaskan outdoors wild and free

Born was I to a big family

Cold and harsh the weather

Dark the days half the year

Everyone had wooly coats

Freeze though we don’t

Grateful for the snow

Happy to nap in its glow

Inuits taught us well

Justly with humans we wish to dwell

Knowing our intelligence

Like to work at any chance

Many of us began to starve

No one fed us so snow we carved

Only if we could break the chains

Perhaps we’d run free again

Quiet and death lurked in the air

Rescue humans came for usΒ with care

Sadness and love they felt for me

Today I am happy and free

Under lots of care and love

Victoriously I’ve overcome

Worry, fear, and anxiety

X-ceptional my Mama’s love for me

Yes, now my new family:

Zoe, Apollo, and Nalle

19 thoughts on “A Rescue Poem From A to Z

  1. That was pawfect! Adore the theme, what a heartwarming story full of poetic prose, if I had a tail it would be wagging furiously right now – your Mama must be very proud of you πŸ™‚

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