Guest Blogger: Apollo, the Little Lion Man

photo-2Hi evwybody! Dis is Apowwo, Kooowoook’s widdow bwuder. I dont wite hi kooo, so I wiww do da opposite. I may be widdow, but I am wilwy Kooowoook’s owder bwuder. I am seven years owd, and have da bwooest eyes. I awso have a wion’s mane, and dat makes me a widdow wion man.

photo-1I am not vewy good wif my ew’s (l’s) and aw’s (r’s), so pweeze exquuse my witing. I am widdow, so Mama said I couwd do da typing mysewf. I twy to do my best, but I am just a widdow wion man.

Wike my bwuder Kooo I am vewy handsum, and I have mayde wots of girwows swoon when day see my bwooo eyes. I have Siamese coworing but I am onwy hawf Siamese. Da udder hawf is Norweeegen Fowest Kitty. I wikes to cwime wots of twees and I wikes to go out and get wet in da wain and da snow.

photoBut my Siamese hips awe a widdow week so I do not cwime as much as I ust to. I wuv to why in da sun and most of all I wuv to cuddow wif my Mama cuz she’s da bestest! I wikes my bwuder and my sistahs Nahweee and Zoweee too, but sumtimes I buggy Zoweee cuz its fun.

Tank yooo fur wetting me be a gest bwogger and have a wunderfow day!

Meew, meew, Apowwo da widdow wion man

14 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Apollo, the Little Lion Man

  1. Hi are mozt handsome kitty boy wiff ever so sweetz brown eyes I like the same fings as you and I can’t climb big trees coz mum sayz I am too callz me Haystacks Callhoun…I fonk he waz a wrestler..bit nawty dadz..I would likez to have aboy furriendz like you what you fink ??ould we makez a go of itz ..
    Purrssss Dinnermintz xxxx

    • Hewwoo Miss Dinnerminz! Ku and Mama just towd me about yooo. I saw yor pictures and you are vewy pwitty! Mama sez der is noting wwong wif a widdow chubby! Ive had wots of hooman girwowfwends befow (awl Mama’s fwends awways faww in wuv wif me), but I never had a kitty girwowfurrriend, so i fink we shoowd makea go of it yes! Mama sez yooo wiv faw-faw away, but dat is ok wif me. If yooo come visit we can hang out in da wuvwee garden and sunbade and watch da birdies and fishies!
      Sending wots of wuv and purrs and cuddows!

      • Oh how excintingz fur me…I gotz a boy-furriendz so a handsome onez too *blushes and purrs…..I can’t waitz to hangz outz..we get togetherz laterz..mumz not lettingz me on the puternets coz she iz goingz out now…but we will purr later? ok Apollo my mystery amn over the seaz…*swoons purrs licks face ..
        Kitty hugs Dinnermintz xxx

  2. Pawsum interview Apollo aka Little Lion Man….me n Mum had no idea ya wa 1/2 Forest Kat…mixed wif da Siamese ya iz so beeuteefull n handsum…me can seez why Dinnermintz lubz ya so much!!!
    Yer furend Nylablue =^..^=

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