Pets that Blog: Meet Kuruk

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Introduce yourself:



My name is Kuruk, but you can call me Ku. It’s Pawnee for Bear, but I’m an Alaskan Malamute.


Mama says I am about three and a half years old. No one knows my actual birthdate, but Mama picked the day I was freed from that four foot chain I had lived on as my rebirth day.

How you came into your parents lives?

One day some nice people came to the puppy mill in Alaska where I lived. They were horrified by what they saw. Me and about 170 other snow pups were chained and starving and thirsty. We had eaten all the snow we could reach, and some of my snow pup family did not survive. The nice people took all of us to a vet and then we went to a shelter for a few months. Then a lady from the Washington…

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6 thoughts on “Pets that Blog: Meet Kuruk

  1. We read about you on Peace Love & Whiskers and fell in love! My Mom and I are now following you. What a beautiful dog you are. Mom and I are so happy you were rescued! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

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